Characters - Alphabetical
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MonicaAbrahamssonMikael's former wife.
PernillaAbrahamssonMonica and Mikael's daughter.
LenaAnderssonA possible link to Harriet's hand book list. Deceased.
DraganArmanskyA financial director. The CEO and COO of Milton Security.
GustavAronssonThe brother of a farmer at Ostergarden.
JerkerARonssonGustav's nephew.
AnnikaB. GianniniMikael's sister.
PercyBarnevikChairman of ASEA Brown Boveri.
GregerBeckmanAn artist. Erika's husband.
ErikaBergerEditor-in-Chief of Millenium Magazine. Aka: Ricky.
MildredBerggrenGunnar's former wife. Girl in picture the day Harriet vanished.
Nils ErikBjurmanPalmgren's predecessor. Salander's abusive trustee.
MadeleineBlomberhThe Pictures Editor of the Hedestad Courier.
AnitaBlomkvistMikael's mother.
Carl MikaelBlomkvistProtagonist. A political and financial reporter. Aka: Kalle, Micke.
KurtBlomkvistMikael's father.
Gosta BohmanFinance Minister. A Swedish Politician.
WilliamBorgMikael's former workmate as cub reporter. Wennerstrom's PR.
GunnarBrannlundMildred's former husband.
BertilCamnermakerWennerstrom's lawyer.
JeffCochranThe studs manager at Cochran Farm.
JeremyCochranFounder of Cochran Farm.
SpencerCochranHarriet Vanger's husband.
HenryCortezThe youngest editorial staff in Millenium.
JanneDahlmanThe Millenium's managing director.
MalinErikssonA man that Erika hires as managing director.
OttoFalkThe Hedeby's pastor.
ThonbjornFalldinA possibly Swedish Prime Minister.
HenningForsmanA retired master carpenter.
DirchFrodeA lawyer. Henrik Vanger's attorney.
BirgerFurugardA Veterinarian.
OskarGranathA ship captain.
DavidGustavssonSalander's former bully schoolmate.
LivGustavssonA possible link to Harriet's hand book list. Deceased.
EvaHasselMartin's lover.
RebeckaJacobssonA girl who was murdered in Hedeby Island. Deceased.
RolandJacobssonHarriet's former schoolmate.
IsabellaK. VangerHarriet and Martin's mother. Gottfried's wife.
LottaKarimA part-timer at Millenium.
GunnarKarlmanThe editor-in-chief of the Hedestad courier. Ingrid Vanger's son.
JerryKarlssonCecilia's former husband.
RobertLindbergMikael's old friend.
Astrid LindgrenAn author of Children's detective books.
EdithLobachHermann's daughter. Henrik's former wife.
HermannLobachHarald's chaperone and mentor.
JesperLodermanA physician that Palmgren cross-examined.
PippiLongstockingA fictional character.
RakelLundeA girl who was murdered in Landskrona.
ArnoldMagnussonAn actor with a background at the royal dramatic theatre.
SonnyMAgnussonThe Millenium's most successful advertising salesman.
ChristerMalmAn art director and designer of Millenium.
GustafMorellA detective inspector on Harriet's missing incident.
IreneNesserSalander's fake identity.
MonikaNillsonAn experienced general reporter in Millenium.
GunnarNilssonMagnus's son.
HelenaNilssonGunnar's wife.
Karl AlvarNilssonA writer.
MagnusNilssonOne of Henrik's former workers.
SixtenNordlanderA sawmill worker.
CillaNorenSalander's friend who introduced her to Evil Fingers.
EugenNormanThe painter.
AnnaNygrenHenrik's nursemaid.
KurtNylundThe Hedestad Courier's photographer.
IngelaOskarssonA part-timer at Millenium.
OlofPalmeFormer Prime Minister of Sweden.
HolgerPalmgrenA semi-retired lawyer. Looked after J.F. Milton. Salander's former trustee.
LeaPerssonA prostitute who was murdered. Deceased.
LisbethSalanderArmansky's star researcher colleague. Protagonist.
PeterSamuelssonFinancial assistant at Vanger Corp. Took Cecilia's virginity.
PeterSarowskyA Polish Exile. Mikael's friend.
MonicaSholesSalander's fake identity.
HolgerSjobergMagda's husband.
Magda LovisaSjobergA girl who was mysteriously murdered.
MagnusSjogrenHenrik's cousin.
SaraSjogrenSofia's daughter.
KristerSoderA guy who works on the Wennerstrom Group.
JanStenbeckA businessman.
IngerStenbergHarriet's friend.
BobThe DogTrinity's partner.
Anders ToressonRoofer who puts tiled roof on the school that Harriet attended.
JonasToressonAnders and Monica's son.
MonicaToressonAnders's wife.
PeterToressonAnders and Monica's son.
ConnyTorssonA man who works at Hedestad Courier.
AlexanderVangerGreger and Gerda's son.
AnitaVangerHarald's daughter.
BingerVangerHarald's son. Anita and Cecilia's brother.
CeciliaVangerHarald's daughter. Mikael's lover.
FredrikVangerBirger's son. Henrick's father.
GerdaVangerGreger's widow.
GideonVangerBirger's son.
Gottfried VangerRichard and Margareta's son. Martin and Harriet's father.
GregerVangerGerda's husband.
GustavVangerHenrik's brother.
HaraldVangerHenrik's older brother.
Harrie UlrikaVangerRichard's granddaughter. Missing.
HenrikVangerFormer Head of Vanger's Corporation. Mikael's client.
IngridVangerJohan's daughter.
JohanVangerBirger's son.
MaritVangerJohan's daughter.
MartinVangerThe CEO of the Vanger Corporation. Harriet's brother.
RichardVangerHenrik's brother.
SofiaVangerJohan's daughter.
AlexandreVangersaadThe Vanger's ancestor.
Mr.WagnerBank manager that Salander's had an appointment with.
SaraWittA possible link to Harriet's hand book list. Deceased.
Burman A former foreman at Norsjo Carpentry.
Elena Nils's former wife.
Erlander The Swedish Prime Minister.
Haselmann A bank manager.
Margareta Richard's former lover.
Mimmi Salander's friend.
Plague One of Salander's hacker associates.
Ryttinger A police officer.
Susanne Owner of a bridge cafĂ© in Hedeby Island.
Trinity One of Salander's hacker associates.
Ulrika Henrik's mother.