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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pt1   Suzanne   Parker   One of Russell's partners.
    Dan       Evie's old friend.
    Julian       Dan's son.
    Allison       Dan's wife.
    Evelyn   Boyd   Suzanne's friend. aka: Evie.
    Sasha       Julian's girlfriend.
    Mitch   Lewis   Successful musician. Russell's friend.
1   Connie       Evie' friend since junior high school.
    Jeanie       Evie's mother.
    Sal       Jeanie's friend.
    Carl       Evie's father.
    Tamara       Carl's live-in partner.
    Carson       A nanny.
2   Peter       Connie's older brother.
    Henry       Peter's friend.
    Pamela       Peter's girl friend.
    Willie   Poterache   First boy in Petaluma to enlist.
3   May   Lopes   Dr. Lopes's daughter.
    Russell   Hadrick   Allegedly had magic to receive messages from animals.
4   Vismaya       Evie's mother was dating.
    Frank       Gold miner.
    Donna       One of Russell's girls.
    Helen       Former camp fire girl. Donna's friend.
    Roos       Donna's friend.
    Guy       Russell's side kick.
5   Nico       Roos's son.
    Dr.   Lopes   Dentist.
Pt2   David       Evie's close friend.
    Victor       Man in bar who met Evie and Sasha.
6   Teddy   Dutton   Evie's neighbor and friend.
    Tiki       Teddy's dog.
7   Eugene       Helen's father.
    Caroline       Caroline's cousin.
8   Linda       Mitch's ex-girlfriend.
    Christopher       Linda's son.
    Scotty   Welschler   Mitch's caretaker.
10   Judy   Dutton   Teddy's mother
Pt3   Zav       Julian's friend.
    Lexi       Zav's friend.
    Benny       Julian's high school classmate.
11   Arthur       Connie's father.
12   Tom       Man who gave Evie a ride.
    Sister       Tom's dog.
15   Gwen   Sutherland   Scott's girlfriend.
Pt4   Jessamine   Singer   Evie's roommate.
    Miss   Cooke   Evie's art class teacher.
    Madame   Guevel   Makes butter tarts for French Club.