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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Jonas  Protagonist.
 Asher  Jonas's best friend.
 Lily  Jonas's little sister. Aka: Lily-billy.
 Mother  Jonas's mother.
 Father  Jonas's father.
2Gabriel  The new child Jonas's family took care of.
 Katya  Jonas's aunt. Jonas's father's sister.
 Yoshiko  Jonas's father's friend.
 Andrei  Jonas's father's friend. Given the assignment Engineer.
3Natasha  Lily's friend. A Group of Tens who lived around the corner.
    Birthmothers - Role given at the ceremonies of Twelves.
4Benjamin  Jonas's former groupmate.
 Fiona  A female in Group Eleven. Jonas's friend.
 Larissa  A woman who lives in the House of Old.
 Roberto  Eleven's former instructor.
 Edna  A birth mother. A worker in Food Production.
6Phillipa  A new child Asher's family took care of.
 Bruno  Fiona's new brother.
 Caleb (2)  A replacement child for Caleb (1).
 Caleb (1)  A cheerful Four who had fallen into the river. Deceased.
 Fritz  Jonas's neighbor.
 Harriet  A girl Jonas exchanged a smile with.
 Pierre  Jonas's serious groupmate.
 TheChief Elder The leader of the community.
 Madeline  A female who received the Assignment of Hatchery.
 Inger  A female who received the Assignment of Birthmothers.
10TheReceiver The receiver of memories.
11The Giver Known in the community as the Receiver of Memories.
16Tanya  One of the children in Group of Eleven.
18Rosemary  The former Receiver of Memory. The Giver's daughter.
20Katharine  A female in the Group of Sixes who has pale eyes.