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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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ProMargeryO'HareA horse pack librarian.
 Charley Margery's mule.
 Nancy Margery's neighbor.
 Jean Margery's bedbound sister.
 MackMcGuireA handsome cowboy.
 ClemMcCulloughMargery's enemy.
1BennettVan Cleve Jr.Alice's husband.
 Alice W.Van CleveBennett's wife. Margery's friend.
 Annie Bennett and Alice's housekeeper.
 McIntosh The church pastor.
 Mrs.SchmidtA tea cafĂ© owner.
 IsabelleBradyOne of the WPA council.
 LenaNofcierChairman of library service for the Kentucky PTA.
 Mrs.RooseveltThe First Lady of the United States.
 PeggyForemanBennett's childhood lover.
 JennyFitzwalterAlice's playmate.
 Gideon Alice's brother.
 Harriet Alice's aunt.
 DoloresVan CleveBennett's mother.
 BennettVan Cleve Sr.Bennett's father. Aka: Geoff.
 FrederickGuislerThe horse dealer.
 HenryPorteousOne of the WPA members.
 Dr.GarnettA Doctor.
 GeorgeSimmondsOne of the WPA members.
 Hatch The governor.
2BethPinkerOne of the librarians.
 FrankO'HareMargery's father.
 PetuniaGrantThe schoolmaster. One of the clients.
 F.HomerOne of the clients.
 JimHomerMargery's acquaintance.
 MaeHomerJim's wife.
 Scooter Beth's horse.
3Patch Mr. Guisler's old horse.
 PastorWilloughbyThe church pastor.
 Mrs.LoweBennett's acquaintance.
 PeteSchragerBennett's friend.
 Mrs.BeideckerA schoolteacher.
 SvenGustavssonMargery's lover.
 Bluey Sven's dog.
4JackO'HareMargery's brother.
 PapawO'HareMargery's grandmother.
 BillMcCulloughThe man who killed Frank.
 Kathleen BlighAlice's neighbor.
 GarettBlighKathleen's husband.
 Hoffman A mining company owner.
 WilliamKenworthWilliam's sister.
 Mrs.PfeifferSven's lover.
 SophiaKenworthMargery's old friend. One of the librarians.
 MissAdaMiss Sophia's mother.
6Pamela Pastor McIntosh's sister.
 BrynPinkerBeth's little brother.
7Lina Beth's aunt.
 TexLafayetteA singer.
 Mr.ChipsOwner of a Brookfield School.
 DanielMcGrawThe Union organizer.
 EdSiddlyThe Union organizer.
 ChetMitchellA drunkard.
8Mr.RandThe owner of a picture house.
 JimForresterOne of the town elders.
 SamTorranceOne of the town elders.
 MichaelMurphyOne of the town elders.
11Henry The man who flirted with Alice.
 MissChristinaDolores's doll.
 MissEvangelineDolores's doll.
13DanMeakinsThe local blacksmith.
15Benjamin Sofia's former lover.
16Mrs.CornishMargery's friend.
18Molly The cashier at Nice and Quick.
 BobArcherThe sheriff.
 OfficerDaltonA police officer.
 HenryDenhardtA criminal.
20OfficerDullesA Virginian police officer.
The Giver of Stars was suggested by Amy and Steve Sandler