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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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1   Jeannette   Walls   Narrator. 3rd in the family. aka: Mountain Goat.
    Rose Mary   Walls   Jeannette's mother. Has teacher's degree. Paints.
2   Brian   Walls   Jeannette's younger brother.
    Lori   Walls   Jeannette's eldest sister.
    Rex   Walls   Jeannette's father. Dreamed of building "The Glass Castle".
    Lilly   Smith   Jeannette's grandmother. Rose Mary's mother.
    Mary C.   Walls   Jeannette's older sister. Died when 9-months old.
    Ms.   Cook   Jeannette's teacher.
    Lilly Ruth M.   Walls   Jeannette's youngest sister.
    Ms.   Paige   Jeannette's 2nd grade teacher at Mary S. Black School.
    Carla       Jeannette's friend in Battle Mountain, Nevada.
    Ms.   Beatty   Principal at Battle Mountain Intermediate School.
    Billy   Deel   Juvenile delinquent. aka: The Devil.
    Bertha   Whitefoot   Neighbor of the Walls in Battle Mountain.
    Jim   Smith   Jeannette's uncle. Rose Mary's brother.
    Ms.   Shaw   Jeannette's 3rd grad teacher at Emerson.
    Mrs.   Ellis   Jeannette's 4th grade teacher at Emerson.
3   Erma   Walls   Jeannette's grandmother. Rex's mother.
    Ted   Walls   Jeannette's grandfather. Rex's brother.
    Stanley   Walls   Jeannette's uncle. Rex's brother.
    Ms.   Caparossi   English teacher at Welch Elementary School.
    Dinitia   Hewitt   Jeannette's classmate at Welch Elementary. A bully.
    Cindy   Thompson   Girl in Little Hobart neighborhood.
    Kenny   Hall   42-year old retarded neighbor of the Walls.
    Ginnie Sue   Pastor   Walls neighbor with 8 daughters and 1 son.
    Clarence   Pastor   Ginnie's husband.
    Kathy   Pastor   Ginnie's oldest daughter.
    Ernie   Goad   Bully.
    Karen   Noe   Lives in the neighborhood.
    Carol   Noe   Karen's sister.
    Mr.   Freeman   Next-door neighbor of the Walls.
    Peanut   Freeman   Freeman's son.
    Prissy   Freeman   Freeman's daughter.
    Carrie Mae   Blankenship   One of Jeannette's classmates.
    Mr.   Blankenship   Carrie's father. Administrator at the McDowell Hospital.
    Lucy Jo   Rose   Co-teacher of Rose Mary at Davy Elementary.
    Jeanette   Bivens   English teacher. Faculty advisor.
    Mr.   Muckenfuss   Editor of The Welch Daily News.
    Mr.   Becker   Owner of Becker's Jewel Box.
    Ken   Fink   Filmmaker from New York City.
    Mrs.   Sanders   Teacher. Hired Jeannette as a babysitter.
    Chuck   Yeager   Famous Air Force pilot. Rex's idol.
    Mr.   Jack   Principal of Welch High School.
    Ms.   Katon   Guidance Counselor at Welch High School.
4   Evan       Lori's friend in New York.
    Mike   Armstrong   Owner, publisher and editor of The Phoenix Weekly.
    Carol       Jeannette's schoolmate at Barnard College.
    Ms.   Fuchs   Political Science Professor at Barnard College.
    Eric       Jeannette's ex-husband.
    John   Taylor   Jeannette's husband.
    Jessica   Taylor   Jeannette's 15-year old step-daughter.
    Veronica   Walls   Brian's 8-year old daughter.