Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProGertrudeGunnCloe's cousin. aka: Guinne.
 Arthur ErnestGuinnessAn engineer and senior member of the Guinness family.
 Fantome Ernest's ship.
 Cloe Ernest's wife.
 Maureen One of Ernest and Cloe's daughters.
 Aileen One of Ernest and Cloe's daughters.
 Oonagh One of Ernest and Cloe's daughters.
 Felicity The narrator and the protagonist of the piece. aka: Fliss.
 MonsieurAntoineA hairdresser.
 Hughie Fliss' brother.
   Part One
1  Glenmaroon, Dublin, 1978
 Mildred Ernest's cousin.
 LoisSturtAn English socialite.
 TeresaJungmanOne of London's society. aka: Baby.
 Zita Baby's sister.
 ElizabethPonsonbyA socialite.
2  Ballytibbert House, Wexford, 1918
 JohnHegartyAn advertising executive.
 Mary A servant.
 Alex Fliss and Hughie's uncle.
 Agatha Fliss and Hughie's aunt.
3  Glenmaroon, Dublin, 1918
 Lapham A butler.
 Peke A dog.
 Mrs. BurkeFelicity's mother.
 AdmiralRedmondFelicity's father.
 Rupert Ernest's older brother.
 Walter One of Ernest's brothers.
 Bryan Walter's son.
 Mary Mercy Oonagh's doll.
 Robert A junior footman.
4  Glenmaroon, Dublin, 1978
 Kathleen A housemaid.
 Thomas A stable hand.
5  Glenmaroon, Dublin, 1918
 Mrs.SpainThe governess.
 Captain A pony.
  WhitakerOne of the nannies.
  HawkinsOne of the nannies.
 SeanGroomA freelance writer.
6Olive Guinness's girls great-aunt.
 Honour One of Rupert's daughter.
 Cecil Mildred's father.
 Dodo Cecil's sister.
8  Glenmaroon, Dublin, 1920
 RichardButlerHughie's friend.
 Brigid Honour's sister.
 HenryGuinnessErnest's cousin.
 MoiraGuinnessOne of Henry's daughters.
 Rachel One of Henry's daughters.
 Patricia One of Henry's daughters.
 Heather One of Henry's daughters. aka: Judy.
 Lady LouisaFitzGibbonThe daughter of Richard Hobart FitzGibbon.
 RichardFitzGibbonA veteran of the United States Navy.
10KingMidasThe King with the power to turn whatever he touches to gold.
11  Glenmaroon, Dublin, 1978
 Trisha Thomas' granddaughter.
12Moran Hughie's acquaintance.
 LordIveaghThe Guinness' girls grandfather.
 Mabel One of Mildred's half-sisters.
 Katy One of Mildred's half-sisters.
13Ida Maureen's friend.
 MichaelMahonThomas' father.
 SeanDolanThomas' acquaintance.
16  Glenmoore, Dublin, 1978
 Violet ValerieFrenchOonagh's friend. aka: Valsie.
 BrinsleyPlunketAileen Guinness' husband. aka: Brinny.
17GordonMacreadyBritish Army general.
 Éamonde ValeraServed as head of government and head of state of Ireland.
 Frederick Oonagh's acquaintance.
19Molly Aileen's acquaintance.
20  Glenmoore, Dublin, 1922
 Chestnut Hughie's horse.
22  Grosvenor Place, London, 1924
 WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
23  Grosvenor Place, London, 1925
 Gwyneth Lord Tredegar's daughter.
 Marjorie Maureen's acquaintance.
 Queen Charlotte Queen consort of Great Britain and Ireland.
 KatharineHowardThe daughter of Lord Edmund Howard.
 Fidget A chow puppy.
24Charles II King of Scotland, England and Ireland.
 DianaCooperAn English aristocrat who was a well-known social figure in London.
 Lady AlexandraCurzonThe daughter of George Nathaniel Curzon.
 Mrs.DanielsThe housekeeper.
25LadyColefaxA notable English interior decorator and socialite.
 BrianHowardAn English poet and writer.
 Beatrice Baby and Zita's mother.
27PabloPicassoA Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist.
 Bert Baby's friend.
 NancyMitfordThe eldest of the Mitford'd sisters.
 GuyFawkesEnglish member of the Gunpowder Plot.
 Brenda DeanPaulA British silent film actress, socialite.
 Evelyn Brenda's acquaintance.
 Mr.AndersenAn author.
 Dr.GordonCloe's physician.
29  Grosvenor Place, London. 1926
 Driberg A reporter.
 StephenTennantA British aristocrat.
 Bim Stephen's brother.
 Pamela Stephen's mother.
 Dorothea Elizabeth's mother. aka: Dolly.
 CecilBeatonA British photographer, designer, socialite, writer.
30DukeElingtonAn American composer, pianist, and leader of a jazz orchestra.
31David Bryan's acquaintance.
 RayStaritaBritish dance band leader and reed player.
 DianaMitfordNancy's sister.
32ArthurPonsolbyElizabeth's father.
 MadameVorolskyA flirtatious White Russian émigré.
 Mrs.AsquithBeatrice's acquaintance.
34Helen A member of Brinny's family.
 Moira A member of Brinny's family.
 Joyce Brinny's sister.
 RosaLewisThe hotel flamboyant proprietor.
 Essex Valerie's sister.
 Henry BradleyMartinValerie's fiancé.
35Oojah An elephant.
 Snooker A black cat.
 Sir FrancisLakingEnglish physician who was Surgeon-Apothecary to Queen Victoria.
36  Grosvenor Place, London, 1927
 Mr.PearsonThe managing director in a publishing company.
 Jennifer Fliss' first female friend. aka: Jen.
 Mr.WhiteThe editor in a publishing company.
 Peter Jen's brother.
 Susan Jen's younger sister.
 LordBathThe 7th Marquess of Bath.
 ViscountWeymouthThe 8th Marquess of Bath.
37George Susan's fiancé.
38Burton An efficient lady's maid.
40Doug One of the guests at Elizabeth's party.
 PhilipKindersleyOonagh's husband.
41Mr.CraigreElizabeth's fiancé.
 DenisPellyAssistant in a gramophone shop.
42Grania Bryan's sister.
 Farve Nancy's acquaintance.
 Evelyn Walter's wife.
 BasilBlackwoodMaureen's husband. aka: Duff.
43EvelynWaughA writer.
44RobertKindersleyPhilip's father.
46  Grosvenor Place, London, 1930
 Neelia Aileen's daughter.
 Gay Oonagh's son.
 Lord Frederick Duff's father.
 LadyBrendaDuff's mother.
 Arthur Zita's husband.
 MissGibbsUncle Walter's gibbon.
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