Characters - Alphabetical
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GencoAbbandandoDon Corleone's Consiegliere/Counselor.
KayAdamsMichael's girlfriend.
Mr.AdamsKay's father.
Mrs.AdamsKay's mother.
MargotAshtonJohnny's 2nd wife. A famous actress.
WaxBainesThe notorious pimp.
EmilioBarziniThe closest ally of Tattaglia Family.
FelixBocchicchioThe man who took the rap for Michael.
AmerigoBonaseraA Sicilian-American undertaker. Don Corleone's friend.
LucaBrasiDon Corleone's personal enforcer.
AlCaponeAn American gangster. A crime's boss.
PeterClemenzaPaulie's boss. One of the Caporegime in the Corleone family.
Mrs.ColomboThe widow that Don Corleone helped.
AnthonyCoppolaOne of Connie's wedding guests.
CarmelaCorleoneDon Corleone's wife. Aka: Mama Corleone.
ConstanziaCorleoneDon Corleone's daughter. Aka: Connie.
FredericoCorleoneDon Corleone's 2nd son. Aka: Fred, Fredo.
MichaelCorleoneDon Corleon's youngest son. The next Don (later). Aka: Mike.
SandraCorleoneSonny's wife.
SantinoCorleoneDon Corleone's oldest son.
VitoCorleoneProtagonist. Aka: Don Corleone, Vito Andolini.
OttilioCuneoThe Upper New York Don.
JackDempseyThe bar owner.
DeannaDunnAn actress. Johnny's friend.
FrankFalconeThe Don who controlled the movie unions. The Los Angeles Don.
RayFarrellThe communication operator to Don Corleone's payroll.
EllaFitzgeraldA Jazz singer.
JohnnyFontaineDon Corleone's godson. A singer.
VirginiaFontaneJohnny's first wife. Aka: Ginny.
VincentForlenzaThe Cleveland Don.
PaulieGattoOne of Clemenza's men.
BillyGoffThe most powerful man in the movie labor.
MoeGreeneA Jewish Mobster.
TheresaHagenTom's wife.
ThomasHagenDon Corleon's friend. Aka: Tom.
LesHalleyJohnny's former band leader.
John EdgarHooverThe director of FBI.
FrederickKellenerA doctor. Segal's friend.
Dr.KennedyThe Corleone's family doctor.
RoccoLamponeClemenza's associate.
CongressmanLutecoThe congressman.
LucyManciniConnie's maid of honor. Sonny's mistress.
SalvatorreMaranzanoA mafioso in New York.
VeraMarioA restaurant owner.
MarkMcCluskey Jr.The police captain's son.
MarkMcCluskey Sr.The police captain.
RoyMcElroyWaltz's press agent.
AnthonyMollinariThe San Francisco Don.
KevinMoonanThe punks that Paulie Gatto punished.
SharonMooreJohnny's companion.
FilomenaNazorineNazorine's wife.
KatherineNazorineNazorine's daughter.
VitoNazorineThe baker. Don Corleone's childhood friend.
EddieNeilsA musical arranger.
AlbertNeriMichael's new bodyguard.
DomenickPanzaThe Boston Don.
JohnPhillipsThe detective.
SallyRagsCarlo Rizzi's writer.
CarloRizziConnie's husband.
Mr.RobertoDon Corleone's landlord.
JulesSegalA surgeon. Lucy Mancini's lover.
DetectiveSirianiDetective Phillips's partner.
VirgilSollozoDon Corleone's enemy. A mobster of the Sicilian mafia.
AnthonyStracciOne of the New York Dons. The New Jersey Don.
BrunoTattagliaThe nightclub manager. Phillip's youngest son.
JohnTattagliaPhillip's oldest son.
PhillipTattagliaDon Corleone's enemy. The prostitution business owner.
Dr.TazaTommasino's uncle.
DonTommasinoThe mafia chief. Michael's protector.
CarloTramontiDon Corleone's companion. A gambler.
JamesTuckerA doctor.
NinoValentiJohnny Fontane's childhood friend.
Mr.VitelliThe café owner. Apollonia's father
ApolloniaVitteli-CorleoneMichael's wife.
JerryWagnerThe punks that Paulie Gatto punished.
JackWoltzThe film producer.
JosephZaluchiThe Don of Detroit.
Calo The man that Michael befriended. Michael's guard.
Coach Carlo Rizzi's writer.
Enzo Nazorine's helper.
Fabrizzio The shepherd. Michael's guard.
Fanucci The real Mafioso chief.
Filomena The midwife.
Khartoum The famed English racing horse.
Tessio One of Don Corleone's caporegime.
Tina Johnny's girlfriend.
Tommy Albert Neri's nephew.