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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
1LyraBelacquaProtagonist. Aka: Lizzie Brooks.
 Pantalaimon Lyra's daemon. A moth. Aka: Pan.
 LordAsrielThe master's colleague. Lyra's uncle.
 The MasterA member of the Cabinet Council. The man who wants Lord Asriel killed.
 Wren The master's butler.
 Stelmaria Lord Asriel's daemon. A snow leopard.
 Mr.CawsonThe master's steward.
 Shuter Lord Asriel's porter.
 Thorold Lord Asriel's manservant.
2The LibrarianThe master's colleague.
 The Sub-rectorThe master's colleague.
 CharlesTrelawneyThe Palmerian professor.
 The CassingtonScholarOne of the master's colleagues.
 StanislausGrummanThe head of Grumman Expedition.
 IofurRaknisonThe king of the bear. The king of Svalbard.
 JohnCalvinThe pope of Genova.
3Mr.ParslowRoger and Simon's father.
 RogerParslowThe kitchen boy. Lyra's friend.
 HughLovatRoger's friend.
 SimonParslowRoger's brother. Lyra's friend.
 Dr.DeeA great magician.
 TonyMakariosThe missing child.
 MarisaCoulterThe lady who kidnaps children. Lyra's mother. Aka: The lady with the golden monkey.
 FatherHeystThe intercessor.
 MaCostaAn gyptian princess. The woman that Lyra admired. Billy and Tony's mother.
 BillyCostaThe missing boy.
 Charlie A gyptian boy. Lyra's acquaintance.
 Johnny Fiorelli Charlie's acquaintance.
 JessieReynolds.One of the kids who went missing.
 Mrs.LonsdaleLyra's housekeeper.
 Cousins The master's manservant.
 DameHannah-RelfThe head of one of the women's colleges.
4ColonelCarbornMrs. Coulter's colleague.
 Dr. BrokenArrowMrs. Coulter's colleague.
5LordBorealMrs. Coulter's lover.
 Postnikova The princess.
 ErikAnderssonThe fashionable dancer.
 CountBelacquaLyra's father. Lord Asriel's brother.
 AdeleStarminsterA journalist.
 Docker A professor at Jordan College.
 BorisRusakovA man who discovered new elementary particles.
6TonyCostaBilly's brother.
 JohnFaaThe egyptian king.
7RaymondVan GerritOne of the Egyptians.
 FarderCoramJohn Faa's colleague. A seer.
 BernieJohansenThe pastry cook.
 EdwardCoulterLyra's step-father.
8NicholasRokebyThe man who's in charge in finding a vessel.
 DirkViresOne of the Egyptians.
 AdamStefanskiThe man who's in charge of arms and ammunition.
 RogerVan PoppelThe man who's in charge of clothing and food.
 SimonHartmannJohn's treasurer.
 BenjaminDe Ruyter.John's spy.
 MichaelCanzonaJohn's 2nd-in-command.
 AdriaanBraksOne of the Egyptians.
9Sophonax Farder Coram's daemon.
 JacobHuismansBenjamin De Ruyter's assistant.
 GerardHookThe gyptians who was captured by the Gobblers.
 FransBroekmanOne of the gyptians who hunts Lord Boreal.
 TomMendhamOne of the gyptians who hunts Lord Boreal.
 PeterHawkerOne of the gyptians.
   Part 2
10Jerry The man that Lyra befriended.
 Belisaria Jerry's daemon.
 MartinLanseliusA doctor. Farder's friend.
 SerafinaPekkalaFarder's witch friend.
 IorekByrnisonThe bear who lost his armor. Lanselius's acquaintance.
11Kaisa Serafina's daemon.
 LeeScoresbyThe aeronaut.
14SisterClaraThe sister in charge of the kids at Oblation Board.
 Annie One of the kids captured by the Oblation Board.
 Bella One of the kids captured by the Oblation Board.
 Martha One of the kids captured by the Oblation Board.
15Salcilia Roger's daemon.
16Kyrillion Annie's daemon.
 McKay A research student.
   Part 3
 JothamSanteliaA counselor. An old bear.
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