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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Journal of Rose Ingrid Castle
 Owen Rose's husband.
 Fern ElizabethCastleA librarian. Rose's twin sister.
 Daniel A commercial pilot.
 Billy Daniel's son.
2  Fern
 Linda A children's librarian.
 ClaudeMonetA French impressionist painter.
 Gayle Fern's acquaintance.
 Rose IngridCastleAn interior designer.
 Janet Fern's former supervisor.
 Wally A computer programmer.
 IanMcEwanAn English novelist and screenwriter.
 Mr.RobertsonA library patron.
 Mrs.DelahuntyOne of the librarians.
3  Journal of Rose Ingrid Castle
 Nancy Rose's mother's friend. aka: Nance.
4  Fern
 Alfie A dog.
 Mrs.HazelburyFern's neighbor.
 Mrs.MillardFern's acquaintance.
 Albert A medical student.
 Bernadette One of Fern's colleagues.
 Trevor One of Fern's colleagues.
 Carmel Fern's new boss.
 BradleyCooperAn American actor and filmmaker.
 RoccoRyanReal name of Wally.
 PaulJenningsAn American Author, First White House Memoirist.
 AndyGriffithAn American actor.
6  Fern
 Mr.McIntoshA science teacher.
 MissKnightThe school principal.
 Margaret Rose and Fern's great-aunt.
8  Fern
 DodieSmithAn English children's novelist and playwright.
 Tom A maintenance man.
9  Journal of Rose Ingrid Castle
 AgathaChristieAn English mystery and detective writer.
10  Fern
 Onnab A nurse.
 Teresa A speech pathologist.
 Nina Rose and Fern's mother.
11  Journal of Rose Ingrid Castle
 Gary Nina's boyfriend.
12  Fern
 MichelleObamaFormer First Lady of the United States.
 LinusTorvaldsA Finnish-American software engineer.
 SteveWozniakAmerican computer pioneer, computer engineer and programmer.
16  Fern
 Mrs.StevensFern's acquaintance.
 MargaretAtwoodCanadian poet, novelist, essayist, environmental activist.
17  Journal of Rose Ingrid Castle
 Trish Billy's mother.
24  Fern
 LisaIrelandAn Australian writer of contemporary women's fiction.
26  Fern
 KellyRimmerA reputed novelist from Australia.
 Jessica A receptionist at Sun Meadows.
 LeonardoDiCaprioAn American actor and film producer.
 Beverly A nurse.
28  Fern
 JohnGrishamAn American novelist, lawyer.
 NaomiDavisonAn adoption counselor.
30  Fern
 Willow Fern's baby.
 Dr.AstonA psychiatrist.
 SaraBrookesA police detective.
 NadineRileyA hospital administrator.
 Kevin A therapist.
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