Characters - Alphabetical
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Col HarryAshburnhamEdward's father.
EdwardAshburnhamCaptain of the Fourteenth Hussars. Aka: Teddy.
LeonoraAshburnhamEdward's wife.
MrsAshburnhamEdward's mother.
MrBagshaweOne of the hotels guests.
Major BasilEdward's superior officer.
MrsBasilOne of Edward's mistresses.
RodneyBayhamLeonora's lover.
GeneralBraddockArmy general from Great Britain.
MrBrandOne of the couples who's having a divorce.
MrsBrandOne of the couples who's having a divorce.
MartinBucerGerman Protestant reformer.
FlorenceDowellOne of Edward's mistresses. Aka: Florry.
JohnDowellFlorence's husband.
DrHauptmannEdward's doctor.
ColonelHerveyEdward's superior officer.
EmilyHurlbirdFlorence's aunt.
JeanHurlbirdFlorence's late cousin.
JohnHurlbirdFlorence's uncle.
ReggieHurlbirdFlorence's cousin.
FlorenceHurlbird, Sr.Florence's aunt.
GenghisKhanFounder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.
MissLuptonMr Brand's mistress.
MartinLutherGerman professor of theology, seminal figure in Protestant Reformation.
MrsLutonNancy's chaperon.
MaisieMaidanOne of Edward's mistresses.
 MumfordOne of the Ashburnhams' tenants.
WilliamPennEnglish real estate entrepreneur and philosopher.
ColPowysLeonora's father.
MrsPowysLeonora's mother.
ColonelRuffordNancy's father.
MrsRuffordLeonora's dearest friend.
MrsRuffordNancy's mother.
NancyRuffordLeonora's only friend's child.
MonsieurSchontzHotel proprietor.
Baron Idigonvon LelöffelGerman Captain.
MrsWhelanOne of the hotels guests.
HuldrychZwingliProtestant Reformation leader in Switzerland.
Annie One of Edward's mistresses.
Bunny Maisie's husband.
Carter John Dowell's second-nephew.
Charles I Monarch of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Edward VII Former King of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India.
Henry VIII King of England from 1509 until 1547.
Jimmy Florence's former lover.
Julius John Dowell's servant.
La Dolciquita Spanish dancer. One of Edward's mistresses.
Mary Carter's fiancĂ©.
Selmes The boy whom Edward gave the horse to.