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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1  Ann
 AnnHughesAn embroiderer.
 Milly Ann's sister-in-law.
 PrincessElizabethThe third daughter of King George III.
 NormanHartnellA leading British fashion designer.
 MissDuleyHead of the embroidery workrooms.
 Frank Milly's husband.
 Mr.TilleyAnn's acquaintance.
2  Miriam
 MiriamDassinAn embroiderer. aka: Mimi.
 Catherine Miriam's friend.
 Christian DiorA French fashion designer. aka: Tian.
 MaisonRebeMonsieur Dior's preferred atelier de broderie.
 AdolpheLeblancA local policeman.
3  Heather
 HeatherMcKenzieA journalist.
 Nan Heather's grandmother.
 Sunita One of Heather's friends.
 Michelle One of Heather's friends.
 Seymour Heather's cat.
 Margie Nan's friend,
4  Ann
 Mr.JoliffeA shop owner.
 Mrs.ColeA laundry woman.
 Jimmy Ann's acquaintance.
 GermaineDavideMr. Hartnell's senior staff.
 Ruthie One of Ann's co-workers.
 Doris One of Ann's co-workers.
 Ethel One of Ann's co-workers.
 Joe Doris' boyfriend.
 Edith One of Ann's co-workers.
 Mary of Teck Queen consort of the United Kingdom Empress of India.
 Dan One of Milly's brothers.
 Des One of Milly's brothers.
5  Miriam
 HardyAmiesEnglish fashion designer.
 CharlesCreedBritish fashion designer.
 VictorStiebelBritish fashion designer.
 DigbyMortonIrish fashion designer based in London.
 PeterRussellBritish fashion designer.
 MichaelSherardBritish fashion designer, later fashion academic.
 BiancaMoscaLondon-based fashion designer of 1940s.
 Mrs.PriceMrs. Hartnell's secretary.
6  Heather
 Jim Heather's father.
 Dr.NguyenNan's physician.
 MarthaJacksonHeather's neighbor.
7  Ann
 Mr.BoothAnn's acquaintance.
 Lt. PhilipMountbattenDuke of Edinburgh. Queen Elizabeth's husband.
 Prince Andrew The 3rd child and 2nd son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
 Princess Andrew Former Princess Alice of Battenberg.
 Stefan BasilMolyneuxIrish-born Canadian white nationalist and white podcaster.
8  Miriam
 Jules-√ČlieDelaunayFrench painter.
 Marie-LaureNoaillesFrench art collector.
9  Heather
 Richard Editor-in-chief of Bay Street magazine.
 Catherine Prince William's wife. aka: Princess Kate.
 Prince William Duke of Cambridge.
 Princess Diana Princess of Wales. First wife of Charles, Prince of Wales.
 SandroBotticelliOne of the greatest painters of the Florentine Renaissance.
 AudreyHepburnBritish actress and humanitarian
10  Ann
 Mrs.TurnerAnn's neighbor.
 MissHollidayMr. Hartnell's employee.
 MissIrelandOne of the machinists.
 BettyPearceOne of the seamstresses.
 Dorothy One of the seamstresses.
 Jessie One of Mr. Hartnell's employees.
 Carmen One of the Hartnell house models.
 ClarkGableAmerican actor.
 JeremyThickett-MilneAnn's new acquaintance.
11  Miriam
 JosephineBakerAmerican-born French dancer, singer, and actress.
 WalterKaczmarekMiriam's friend.
12  Heather
 Brett One of the staff writers of Bay Street magazine.
 Gregor One of the staff writers of Bay Street magazine.
 Moira One of the staff writers of Bay Street magazine.
 Kim A receptionist.
 Kendra An HR officer.
 Tanya Heather's friend.
 AlexanderMcQueenBritish fashion designer and couturier.
13  Ann
 Margaret Rose Younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
 Louie Mr. Hartnell's employee.
14  Miriam
 MarcelNormandMam'selle's friend.
 Mary Walter's loved ones.
15  Heather
 Dermot A hotel receptionist.
 Shirley Heather's new acquaintance.
 Zahra A receptionist at the museum.
 DanielFriedmanA historian.
16  Ann
 CaptainMitchisonOne who managed the business side of things for Mr. Hartnell.
 DannyKayeAmerican actor, singer, dancer, and comedian.
17  Miriam
 Mr.AtleeMr. Harnell's acquaintance.
 HarryStintonOne of the best artists of the last hundred years.
 RobertThibaultMiriam's fianc√©.
18  Heather
 Belinda A boutique manager.
19  Ann
 Reggie A hairdresser.
 LaurenceOlivierBritish actor, director and producer.
 George Jeremy's acquaintance.
 Billy Ann's acquaintance.
20  Miriam
 Bennett Walter's friend.
 RubySuttonBennett's wife.
 Joey One of Bennett's dogs.
 Dougal One of Bennett's dogs.
 MarianneDessinReal name of Miriam.
21  Heather
 Nathalie Miriam's granddaughter.
 Ava Nathalie's best friend.
23  Miriam
 Victoria Ruby's daughter.
 Nigel Editor of The Examiner magazine.
24  Heather
 WilfredOwenEnglish poet and soldier.
25  Ann
 WinstonChurchillFormer British Prime Minister.
 MajorRuislipOne of the gentlemen ushers.
 FelixMendelssohnGerman composer, pianist, organist and conductor.
26  Miriam
 Miss Yvonne The princess's personal vendeuse.
 MissMacDonaldMr. Hartnell's acquaintance.
 Princess Alexandra The Queen's cousin and a working member of the Royal Family.
 Flora Miss MacDonald's acquaintance.
 Pamela A maid.
27  Heather
 Micheline A boutique owner.
 Hannah Daniel's niece.
 Sarah Daniel's mother.
 Nathan Daniel's father.
 Ben Daniel's brother.
 Lauren Ben's wife.
 David One of Sarah's brothers.
 Isaac One of Sarah's brothers.
28  Ann
 Dr.LovellAnn's physician.
29  Miriam
 EdwardElgarEnglish composer.
Epi  Miriam
 Rosie Miriam's helper.
 DjangoReinhardtBelgian-born Romani French jazz guitarist and composer.
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