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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  August 1963
 Alice KatherineKesslerAn amateur ornithologist.
 ThomasBayberA painter.
 Mrs.PhelanThe librarian.
 MaryOliverAmerican poet.
 SlimGaillardAmerican jazz singer and songwriter.
 RitaReysA jazz singer from Netherlands.
 King Pleasure A legendary jazz band.
 JimmyGiuffreAn American jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, composer, and arranger.
 VincentPriceAmerican actor.
 TamaraPhilsonA woman who always wore her long strand of pearls everywhere.
 MyrnaRestonThe cabin owner.
 Niels Alice's father.
 NatalieKesslerAlice's older sister.
 Neela A dog.
 FelicityKesslerAlice's mother.
 Ă‰dithPiafA French singer-songwriter, cabaret performer and film actress.
2  October 2007
 DennisFinchAn art history professor. aka: Denny.
 Claire Finch's wife.
 RalphWilliamsAn English composer.
 DeanHamiltonA film director.
 Lydia Finch's daughter.
 Stark Bayber's acquaintance.
 StephenJamesonAn eccentric young art authenticator.
 DylanJamesonOwned a small gallery in SoHo.
 Mr.CranstonPresident of Murchison and Dunne.
3SylviaDillonMr. Cranston's assistant.
 Chloe Stephen's ex-girlfriend.
 SimonHapsendStephen's acquaintance.
4JackHornerAn American paleontologist.
5Mrs.BlankenshipThomas Bayber's assistant.
6  October 1971
 Mrs.PymAlice's academic adviser.
 ProfessorStrandA lecturer on avian biogeography.
 ThereseGarzaA housekeeper.
 George,Jr. Myrna Reston's son.
 Evan George,Jr.'s man.
 LeticiaBayberThomas' mother.
 DorothyDoughtyAn ornithologist and naturalist.
 Freda Dorothy Doughty's sister.
7  November 2007
 Thomas, Sr. Thomas Bayber's father.
 WinslowEdellThe Kessler's friend.
 Esme Winslow's wife.
8  August 1972
 Saicee A housekeeper.
 PhinneausLapineAlice's neighbor.
9George, Sr. Myrna Reston's husband.
10Frankie Phinneaus' nephew.
 Albert A funeral director's assistant.
 Sheila Phinneaus' sister.
11Kevin Finch's son-in-law.
 MeredithRipleyKevin's colleague.
 HarryWatrousAmerican artist.
12SofiaKesslerSupposed name of Alice's child.
 Agnete Alice's daughter. aka: Aggie.
14  December 2007
 P. T.BarnumAn American showman.
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