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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1   West Egg Village - The Narrator's village.
 Jay GatsbyProtagonist. In love with Daisy.
 Midas  One of the three people who knew the secret.
 Morgan  One of the three people who knew the secret.
 Maecenas  One of the three people who knew the secret.
 Tom BuchananNick's friend from college. Daisy's husband. aka: Thomas.
 Daisy BuchananNick's second cousin. Tom's wife. aka: Daisy Fay.
 Demaine  The oil man.
 Jordan BakerDaisy's golfer friend.
 Nick CarrawayNarrator. Gatsby's neighbor.
2T.J. EckleburgDoctor.
 George B. WilsonOwner of the garage repair shop. Tom's friend.
 Myrtle WilsonHas an affair with Tom.
 Catherine  Myrtle's sister.
 Chester McKeeA photographer.
 Lucille McKeeChester's wife.
 Mrs. EberhardtThe woman who looked at Myrtle's feet.
 Kaiser WilheimMr. Gatsby's rumored uncle or cousin.
 Mr. MumbleA man at Mr. Gatsby's party.
 Vladimir TostoffBehind the Jazz History of the World.
4Chester BeckerA man from East Egg.
 Bunsen  Knew Nick from Yale.
 Webster CivetEast Egg-er. A doctor. Drowned last summer in Maine.
    Hornbeans - A clan from East Egg.
 Willie VoltaireEast Egg-er.
    Blackbucks - A clan from East Egg.
 Clarence EndiveEast Egg-er.
 Etty  Fought with Clarence.
 Ewing KlipsringerGatsby's boarder.
 Benny McClenahanAlways arrived at the party with 4 girls.
 Mr. WolfsheimA gambler. Mr. Gatsby's close friend.
 Rosy RosenthalA deceased woman.
 Dan CodyMr. Gatsby's mentor and friend.
6Ella KayeThe newspapers woman.
 Mr. SloaneMr. Gatsby's acquaintance.
 Ms. BaedekerDaisy's acquaintance.
 Pammy BuchananDaisy and Thomas's daughter.
9Henry GatzMr. Gatsby's father. Owl eyes.