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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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    I Night
1  Aunts - women assigned to indoctrinate the Handmaids.
   Handmaids - fertile women forced to bear children.
 Sara One of the Aunts.
 Elizabeth One of the Aunts.
 Alma One of the handmaids.
 Janine One of the handmaids.
 Dolores One of the handmaids.
 Moira One of the handmaids. Best friend from college.
 June One of the handmaids.
    II Shopping
2Lydia One of the Aunts.
   The Commander - head of the household
 Rita  One of the Marthas.
   Martha - domestic servant, in the Commander's household.
 Cora  One of the Marthas.
 Luke  Offred's husband.
3  Guardian - officer assigned to the Commander's home.
 Serena Joy Commander's Wife.
4Nick Commander's chauffeur.
 Ofglen One of the handmaids. Offred's shopping partner.
5Ofwarren Janine's new name.
    IV Waiting Room
8Pam Serena Joy's real name.
    V Nap
13Helena  One of the Aunts.
    VIII Birth Day
20Warren One of the Commanders.
 Tricia ForemanOffred's mother's friend.
21Angela Janine's baby.
    IX Night
24Offred  Protagonist. One of the handmaids.
 Liebchen  A dog.