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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Keny       One of Seven's half-sisters.
    Darius       Hosted the party. aka: Big D.
    Starr A.   Carter   One of Seven's half-sisters.
    Maverick       Starr's father. aka: Big Mav.
    Seven       Beg Mav and Lesha's son. aka: Sevvie.
    King       Kenya's father.
    Denasia   Allen   Kenya's father.
        DeVante   One of King's boys.
    Maya       Starr's best friend.
    Hailey   Grant   Maya's friend.
    Christopher   Bryant   Starr's boyfriend. aka: Chris.
    Bianca       Kenya's friend.
    Chance       Kenya's friend.
    Mr.   Donald   Teacher.
    Khalil   Harris   Starr's best friend.
    Cameron       Rosalie's grandson. aka: Chipmunk.
    Natasha       Starr's friend.
2   Lisa Janae   Carter   Nurse manager. Maverick's wife. aka: Leelee.
3   Mrs.   Montgomery   Retired theatre teacher. Starr's grandmother. aka: Nana.
    Carlos       Detective. Starr's uncle.
    Pam       Surgeon. Carlos's wife.
    Sekani       Starr's little brother.
    Lesha   Robinson   Seven's mother.
    Lyric       Kenya's sister.
    Brickz       Pit bull.
    Reuben       Owner of a restaurant.
    Tim       Cook. Reuben's nephew.
    Yvette       Beauty shop owner.
    Mr.   Wyatt   Former owner of Carter's grocery.
    Cedric   Lewis   Barbershop owner.
    Mrs.   Johnson   Regular customer at Carter's grocery.
    Rosalie       Khalil's grandmother.
4   Ritchie       Drug dealer.
    Brian   Cruise Jr.   Detective who killed Khalil.
    Andre       Mav's cousin.
    Tammy       Rosalie's youngest daughter. Lisa's best friend.
    Brenda       Khalil's mother.
5   Ryan       Maya's boyfriend.
    Luke       Hailey's friend.
    Jess       Co-captain of basketball team.
    Britt       The center on the Williamson basketball team.
    Remy       Hailey's older brother.
    Layla       Seven's girlfriend.
    Felicia       Lisa's friend.
6   Ms.   Gomez   Lady detective.
    Detective   Wilkes   Gomez's partner.
7   Garrett       Point guard on Williamson basketball team.
    Mr.   Meyer   Coach of Williamson basketball team.
    Dr.   Davis   Headmaster of Williamson.
    Ms.   Lindsey   Dr. Davis's secretary.
8   Mr.   Eldridge   A pastor.
    April   Ofrah   Lawyer for a community organization.
    Imani   Anderson   Khalil's crush.
9   Pearl       Lisa's neighbor.
    Ms.   Jones   One of Lisa's neighbors.
    Charles       Lisa's neighbor who offered their generator.
    Dalvin       DeVante's brother.
    Daniel       Sekani's cousin.
    Ava       Pam's little daughter.
10   Adonis   Carter   Big Mav's father.
11   Mr.   Warren   Teacher.
    Larry       Cop.
14   Mrs.   Yang   Maya's mother.
    George       Mrs. Yang's assistant.
    Mrs.   Edwards   Biology teacher.
15   Karen   Monroe   DA officer.
16   John       Producer.
    Diane   Carey   Interviewer.
19   Mr.   Washington   Owner of automotive shop.
    John   Washington   Mr. Washington's son.
24   (Sister)   Freeman   April Ofrah's friend.
26   Clarence       Mr. Wyatt's friend.