Characters - Alphabetical
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MissAnglinSeventh grade school teacher.
SpirosAntonapoulusGreek. Deaf-mute. Works at his cousin's fruit store.
JakeBlountFrequent customer of the New York Café.
AliceBrannonBiff's wife.
BartholomewBrannonProprietor of the New York Café. aka Biff.
DeloresBrownStudent at the Vocational School.
MissBrownOne of the boarders of the Kellys.
MissClaraAcquaintance of Jake when he was younger.
Benedict MadyCopelandDoctor. Portia's father.
DaisyCopelandDr. Copeland's wife. Deceased.
HamiltonCopelandPortia's brother.
Karl MarxCopelandDr. Copeland's second son. aka Buddy.
WilliamCopelandWorks at the New York Café. aka Willie.
DanDavisLancy's father.
LancyDavisHigh school student.
LucyDavisLancy's mother.
JohnHamlinWorks at the Central Mill City.
MaggieHenryStudent at the Vacationsl School.
Mr.JacksonOne of the boarders of the Kellys.
BusterJohnstonAcquaintance of Willie. Incarcerated.
LoveJonesRaymond's sister.
RaymondJonesHas a horseshoe place in his backyard.
BillKellyMick's older brother.
EttaKellyMick's older sister.
GeorgeKellyMick's younger brother. aka Bubber.
HazelKellyMick's older sister.
MickKellyFourth child in a family of six.
Mrs.KellyMick's mother.
RalphKellyMick's youngest brother.
WilburKellyMick's father.
Augustus B. M.Lewis Benedict's patient. Deaf.
B. F.MasonA con-artist.
JimmyMasonInvolved in the incident at the Sunny Dixie Show.
MissMinnerMick's English teacher.
HarryMinowitzNext door neighbor of the Kellys.
Mrs.MinowitzHarry's mother.
MarshallNicollsPharmacist. Dr. Copeland's friend.
CharlesParkerSpiros' cousin.
ClarkPattersonProprietor of the Sunny Dixie Show.
AlvaRichardsStudent at the Vacationsl School.
JohnRobertsPostman. Dr. Copeland's friend.
JohnSingerDeaf-mute. Spiros' friend. Works as a silverware engraver.
Mrs.WellsNeighbor of the Kellys. Mother of Sucker.
PeteWellsNeighbor of the Kellys.
SuckerWellsNeighbor of the Kellys.
DaryWhite15 years old. Incarcerated.
BabyWilsonBiff's niece. Neighbor of the Kellys.
LeroyWilsonBaby's father.
LucileWilsonBiff's sister-in-law. Alice's sister. Baby's mother.
Mr.WilsonDeputy Sheriff at Superior Court.
VariousWilsonInvolved in the incident at the Sunny Dixie Show.
Buck Former classmate of Mick.
Carl Acquaintance of John and Spiros.
Celeste Sixth grade classmate of Mick.
Celia Relative of Portia and Willie.
Grandpapa Portia's maternal grandfather.
Highboy Portia's husband.
Jim Relative of Portia and Willie.
Junebug Had a fight with Willie because of Love Jones.
Louis Works at the New York Café.
Lurie Customer of the Sunny Dixie Show.
Mary Student at the Vocational School.
Portia Servant of the Kellys.
Sara Relative of Portia and Willie.
Simms Sidewalk preacher.
Spareribs Neighbor of the Kellys.
Whitman Relative of Portia and Willie.