Characters - Alphabetical
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AnnaAmbrosiaCyril's group mate and co-worker.
KingsleyAmisSuzi's ex-lover.
JeffreyArcherAn English Novelist.
CharlesAveryCyril's adoptive father.
CyrilAveryProtagonist and Narrator.
EmilyAveryCharles's first wife.
MaudeAveryCyril's adoptive mother.
RosalynAveryCharles's new wife.
BrendanBehanA famous writer.
JimmyByrnesThe on-air reporter. Cyril's workmate.
DennisCaineCyril's cousin.
Archbishop ofCanterburySuzi's ex-lover.
NickCarltonA homosexual that Cyril envied.
FidelCastroFormer Prime Minister of Cuba.
CharlieChaplinComic Actor.
MichaelChaplinCharlie's son.
Mr.CrowAn Artist.
PhilipDanleyA patient with aids. Ignac's acquaintance. Aka: Patient 563.
EamonDe ValeraA regular customer at Mrs. Hennessy's tea room. A politician.
AlanDelaneyJimmy's acquaintance.
Mr.Denby-DenbyCyril's group mate and co-worker.
EleanorDewittOne of the patients that Cyril talked to. Aka: Patient 630.
LanceDewittEleanor's husband.
JamesDillonA composer.
J.PDonleavyAn American-Irish Novelist.
Dr.DourishCyril's doctor.
JimmyDoyleAn American Boxer.
FatherDwyerThe Priest.
PresidentEisenhowerThe current U.S. President.
WilliamFinneyCatherine's neighbor and church mate.
AnneFrankA Diarist.
MargotFrankOtto Frank's mother. Edda's friend.
Mr.FrankAnne Frank's father.
ErnestGeblerAn Irish writer.
BoscoGogginCatherine's father.
CatherineGogginCyril's biological mother.
EddieGogginCatherine's brother.
Jonathan E.GogginA boy that Cyril met.
EvelineHartfordMaude's mother.
CharlesHaugheyThe Minister of Agriculture.
CharlotteHennesyCatherine's employer.
AdolfHitlerThe leader of the Nazi Party.
HenryHoganMrs. Hogan's son.
JamesHoganCyril's neighbor.
Mr.HoganSmoot's landlord.
Mrs.HoganCyril's landlady.
MartinHoranCyril's workmate.
RockHudsonAn American Actor.
MickJaggerSuzi's ex-lover.
MissJoyceCyril's group leader and co-worker.
StephenKilduffCyril's workmate.
DamirKrizIgnac's father.
IgnacKrizA Slovenian boy that Cyril and Bastian befriended.
RebeccaKrizIgnac's wife.
ConorLlewellynDenis's 12-year-old girlfriend.
BobLosseA choreographer.
RichardLyngThe Secretary of Agriculture.
SeanMacEnteeMinister for finance.
SeanMacIntyreCatherine's new friend.
HaroldMacMillanA politician that Max admired.
AngelaManningtreeCharles's fiancé.
JoeMastersonBus driver interested in horse wear-related pornography.
PeadarMcIntyreSean's father.
JamesMonroeA priest at the parish of Goleen.
M. MargaretMuffetBridget's friend. Cyril's friend.
LordNelsonAn Admiral.
EdnaO'BrienAn Irish Novelist.
HenryO'FlynnA sergeant of police in Pearse Street.
LouiseO'MurchuPeadar's daughter.
PeadarO'MurchuMiss Ambrosia's boyfriend.
RyanO'NealA reporter at the late show.
JeanO'RiafaCatherine's aunt. Kenneth's wife.
KennethO'RiafaCatherine's uncle. Cyril's father.
RuairiO'ShaughnessyMax's bodyguard.
GregoryPeckAn American Actor.
RonaldReaganThe current U.S. President.
RichardRogersAn Architect.
KenRussellA film director.
Mrs.ShipleyThe Librarian.
BridgetSimpsonCatherine's waitress. Julian's girlfriend.
JackSmootSean's friend in Dublin.
StephenSondheimA composer.
FatherSquiresThe school headmaster.
TerrenceStampSuzi's ex-lover.
Mr.TerwilligerA journalist from Sunday Press.
AlbertThatcherThe young accountant. Cyril's flat mate.
JasperTimsonPeter's roommate. Alice's ex-boyfriend.
PeterTrefontaineCyril's schoolmate.
JacobTurpinThe pervert dockworker.
ArjanVan de BurghBastiaan's father.
BastiaanVan de BurghCyril's lover.
EddaVan de BurghBastiaan's mother.
EdithVan de BurghArjan's sister.
PeterVan PelsEdda's classmate.
Mr.WestlicottMr. Westlicott Sr.'s son.
Mr.Westlicott Jr.Mr. Westlicott's son.
Mr.Westlicott Sr.Mr. Westlicott's father.
DenisWilbertThe Paedophile teacher.
MatthewWilloughbyThe captain of the rugby team at Cyril's school.
AliceWoodbeadJulian's sister. Cyril's wife.
ElizabethWoodbeadMax's wife. Julian's mother.
GeorgeWoodbeadLiam and Laura's son. Cyril's grandson.
GraceWoodbeadLiaam and Laura's son. Cyril's grandson.
JulianWoodbeadCyril's friend.
LauraWoodbeadLiam's wife.
MaxWoodbeadJulian's father. A famous solicitor.
SamanthaWoodbeadMax's second wife.
JulianWoodbead IILiam and Laura's son. Cyril's grandson.
Alejandro Aquabatics Trainer of Catherine.
Alex A doctor who worked with Bastiaan. Bastiaan's friend.
Andrew Someone Cyril dated. Gay.
Angela Charles's third wife.
Annie Dourish's secretary.
Benedict XV Former Vatican Pope.
Brenda Avery's housemaid.
Ciaran Cyril's lover.
Courteney A journalist. Alex's wife.
Cunnane A police officer.
Cyril II Alice's new husband.
Damien One of Julian's kidnappers.
Danique Cyril's friend.
Diarmuid Bridget's uncle. Deceased.
Dolores Albert's fiancee.
Eileen Tadhg's wife.
Elizabeth II Former Queen of United Kingdom.
Elizabeth II Former Queen of United Kingdom.
Emily Julian's ex-girlfriend.
Emily(2) Ignac's girlfriend.
Fergus Alice's ex-boyfriend.
George V Former King of United Kingdom.
Godfrey Charles's barrister.
Jacinta Catherine's employee. A waitress.
Jean Catherine's aunt.
Jemima Miss Ambrosia's aunt.
Jessica Julian's ex-girlfriend.
Jimmy Liam's friend.
Joseph Peter and Ruth's son.
Liam Cyril and Alice's son.
Lizzie Catherine's co-worker.
Marcus George's lover.
Melanie Jonathan's girlfriend.
Melanie Jonathan's wife.
Mr. Lavery A former police superintendent.
Peter II Ruth's husband.
Rebecca Julian's ex-girlfriend.
Ruth Peter's wife. Pregnant woman Cyril & Alice met at the hospital.
Ryan An Archbishop.
Sarah Anne M. Margaret's cousin.
Shaniqua Bastiaan's assistant. A nurse.
Steven Joseph's flat mate.
Suzi Jullian's current girlfriend.
Tadhg Catherine's cousin.
Tom Cyril's old friend.