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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Mae Mobley   Leefolt   Elizabeth's daughter.
    Elizabeth   F. Leefolt   Mae Mobley's mother. aka: Miss Leefolt.
    Treelore       Aibileen's son.
    Frances       Treelore's girlfriend.
    Minny   Jackson   Walter's cook.
    Raleigh   Leefolt   Elizabeth's husband.
    Aibileen       Leefolt's maid.
    Eugenia   Phelan   Leefolt's friend. aka: Miss Skeeter.
    Hilly   Holbrook   Miss Leefolt's friend. aka: Miss Hilly.
    Miss   Walter   Hilly's mother.
    Celia Rae   Foote   Wife of Hilly's old boyfriend.
    Johnny   Foote   Celia's husband.
2   Kiki   Brown   Patterson's maid.
    Miss    Patterson   Kiki's master.
    Ida   Peek   Aibileen's next-door neighbor.
    Caroline       Hilly's friend.
    Ruth       Caroline's friend.
    Robert   Brown   Mrs. Leefolt's yardman.
    Miss   Renfroe   Hilly's friend.
    Kindra       Minny's friend.
    Leroy       Minny's husband.
    Clyde       Aibileen's husband.
    Miss   Ross   Aibileen's seventh-grad teacher.
    Constantine   Bates   Phelan's former maid.
    Fanny   Lou   Had rheumatism problem.
    Inez       Aibileen's sister.
    Mable       Inez's sister.
    Bertrina   Bessemer   Called Aibileen a nigger.
    Eudora   Green   One of the names in Aibileen's list.
    Isaiah       One of the names in Aibileen's list.
    Cocoa       Clyde's mistress.
3   Miss   Woodra   Minny's former boss.
    Wally       Man who eats at food.
4   Doreena       Minny's sister.
    Benny       Minny's son.
5   Pascagoula       Phelan's new maid.
    Fanny   Peatrow   Phelan's family friend.
    Sarah   Shelby   Married to Robert Pryor.
    Charles   Gray   Skeeter's math study partner.
    Jenny   Sprig   Charle's wife.
    Carlton Jr.       Skeeter's older brother.
    Charlotte B.C.   Phelan   Skeeter's mother.
    William Sr.       Hilly's husband.
    Mary Nell       Phelan's next door neighbor.
    Mary Roan       Nell's sister.
6   Jameso       Phelan's helper.
    Elaine   Stein   Senior editor of Adult Book Edition.
    Yule May   Crookle   Hilly's maid.
    Stooley   Whitworth   Senator. Stuart's father.
    Roger   Sticker   Local reporter.
    James M.       A colored student.
    Connor       Constantine's man.
    Deena   Doran   Most talented cook
7   Louvenia       Robert's grandmother.
    Miss   Fredericks   Leefolt's old mother.
    Franny   Coots   Worked for Caroline on Manship.
    Shinelle       Aibileen's cousin.
8   Ruth       Elaine Steine's secretary.
    Claire       Skeeter's grandmother.
9   Stuart   Whitworth   State Senator's son.
    Patricia   Defender   Stuart's ex-girlfriend.
10   Reverend   Johnson   A minister.
    Sugar       Minny's oldest daughter.
    Cora   Blue   Celia's former maid.
    Will       Johnny's buddy.
11   Lou Anne   Templeton   Hilly's friend..
    Trudy       Elizabeth's older sister.
12   Carlton Sr.       Skeeter's father.
13   Miss   Rheimer   Etiquette teacher.
    Susie   Pernell   Librarian.
    Charles   Neal   Charlotte's doctor.
    Ross   Barnett   The governor.
    William Jr.       Hilly's son.
14   Heather       Hilly's daughter.
    Eileen       Chairman of a cupcake committee.
    Roxanne       Eileen's co-chairman.
    Corrine       Miss Cooley's maid.
    Rhonda       Miller's maid.
    Leroy Jr.       Minny's son.
    Felicia       Minny's daughter.
    Myrlie   Evers   Medgar's wife.
15   Claudia       Mae Mobley's baby doll
16   Thoroughgood       A deacon.
    Jessup       Fidelia's son.
    Henry       Yule May's husband.
17   Tallulah       Minny's neighbor.
    Toad       Minny's uncle.
18   Dr.   Tate   Doctor who only attends to white women.
19   Charles   Warring   Reporter.
Patsy Joiner Skeeter's tennis partner.
    Dr.   Rucker   Doctor from a colored hospital.
    Sissy       Dr. Tucker's wife.
    Fanny   Amos   Clara's maid.
    Flora   Lou   Hester's maid.
    Cleontine       Maid who fought with his male boss.
    Olivia       A tiny baby.
    Gretchen       Yule May's first cousin.
    Callie       Maid who has curly hair, mostly gray.
    Margaret       Callie's boss.
20   Francine   Whitworth   Stuart's mother.
    Bessie       Whitworth's maid.
    Dixie       Whitworth's dog.
22   Allison       Mae Mobley's new baby doll.
    Lottie   Freeman   Worked at the governor's mansion.
    Jeanie   Caldwell   Took Skeeter's position in bridge club.
24   Fanny       Hilly's new maid.
    Octavia       Minny's sister.
    Fanny Mae       Hair stylist.
25   Eleanor   Causwell   Geezers' wife.
    Clara       Colored helper.
    Richard   Cross   Member of the duck camp.
27   Leslie   Fullerbean   Skeeter's friend.
    Sherman       Phelan's old cat.
    Lulabelle       Constantine's daughter.
28   Miss   LaVole   Phelan's friend.
    Dr.   Simon   Dentist.
29   Ross       Leefolt's son.
    Miss   Taylor   Mae Mobley's teacher.
    Thomas       A deacon.
    Rachel   Johnson   Rev. Johnson's wife.
    Joline   French   Elizabeth and Hilly's sorority sister.
    Ernestine       Hilly's third maid.
    Bessie Mae       Joline's maid.
30   Annabelle       Sinclaire's maid.
33   Mr.   Roberts   Pharmacist.
    Hibbie   Goodman   Hilly's lawyer.
34   Willie Mae       Chotard's maid.
    Miss   Hester   Flora Lou's white boss.