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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1JenRaffertyA detective sergeant.
 CynthiaPriorA magistrate.
 WesleyCurnowCynthia's friend. aka: Wes.
 NigelYeoA medic.
2Ella Jen's daughter.
 Ben Jen's son.
 Zach Ella's boy friend.
 MatthewVennA detective inspector.
 RossMayA detective constable.
 Robbie Jen's ex-husband.
 JonathanChurchMatthew's husband.
 EveYeoNigel's daughter. aka: Evie.
 SallyPengellyA pathologist.
 FrancisLeyAn economist. aka: Frank.
 JohnGrievesA tenant of Francis Ley.
 Sarah John Grieves' wife.
 AlexanderMackenzieLey's friend. aka: Mack.
 George Mack's father.
 Martha Mack's mother.
4Daisy One of Sarah and John's daughters.
 Lily One of Sarah and John's daughters.
5BrianBranscombeThe crime scene manager.
 JaneyMackenzieMack's sister.
6DorothyVennMatthew's mother.
 HelenYeoEve's mother.
 LucyBraddictA part-time waitress.
7Nancy Ley's mother.
8Lindsay Owner of the Glorious Oyster resto.
 JoeOldhamMatthew's boss.
 LaurenMillerMatthew's colleague.
10Finn One of Dr. Sally's children.
 Jo One of Dr. Sally's children.
 Freddie One of Dr. Sally's children.
11Mel Ross May's wife.
12RogerPriorCynthia's husband.
14VickiRobbA police constable.
 LukeWallaceA boy who committed suicide in London.
15Sharon A police officer.
16Anthony Dorothy's acquaintance.
20Martin A financial journalist. Wesley's father.
 Liz Wesley's mother.
21SimonWaldenThe victim in Matthew's first North Demon murder inquiry.
 FionaRadleyHead of the comms.
 RatnaJoshiA psychiatrist.
23StephBullAn admin. officer.
 Julie One of the employees at NDPT.
 Tony One of the employees at NDPT.
 Philip The previous boss at the NDPT.
 Millie Former finance officer at NDPT.
24Bob The cafe manager.
 MauriceBraddickLucy's father.
 PaulReedA writer.
27Lizzie Ratna's acquaintance.
28VivReedPaul's mother.
30Joanne Mel's friend.
 StevenBartonA digital forensic expert. aka: Steve.
39PeterMasonFrancis Ley's lawyer.
45Chrissie A missing woman with Down syndrome disease.
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