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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1MayaSealeA lawyer. Protagonist. Aka: Juror 272.
 BelenVasquezMaya's client.
 ElianVasquezBelen's abusive husband.
 JasonShawA police officer.
2RickLeonardMaya's colleague. Aka: Juror 158.
 BobbyNockThe alleged killer of Jessica Silver.
 JessicaSilverMurdered. The daughter of a Billionaire.
 CarolinaCancioDeceased. Maya's co-juror.
 LouSilverJessica's father.
 ElaineSilverJessica's mother.
 CraigRogersA civil rights attorney.
 Gil Rick's roommate.
 SamWatersonAn actor.
 TedMorningstarThe prosecutor.
 PamelaGibsonThe defense attorney. Bobby Nock's attorney.
3Shannon The Omni Hotel's production assistant.
 CalBarroMaya's co-jury.
 PeterWilkeMaya's co-jury. A CEO.
 KathyWingMaya's co-jury. Aka: Juror 690.
 YasmineSarrafMaya's co-jury.
 FranGoldenbergMaya's co-jury.
 TrishaHaroldMaya's co-jury. An IT Tech.
 LilaRosalesMaya's co-jury.
 AaronRosalesLila's son.
 JaeKimMaya's co-jury.
 WayneRusselMaya's co-jury.
 DavidSarrafYasmine's husband.
4Avni Wayne's therapist.
5RhondaDaiseyA detective.
 Martinez Rhonda's co-detective.
 Taryn Maya's assistant.
 CraigRogersMaya's lawyer.
 RobertBlakeThe actor who killed his wife.
 EnriqueNavarroMaya's co-juror. Aka: Juror 552.
 KellanBraggMaya's co-juror. Aka: Juror 873.
 CarolinaCancioMaya's co-juror.
 KathyWIngMaya's co-juror.
 ArnoldDeanMaya's co-juror. Aka: Juror 906.
 Mike1 Craig's associate.
 Mike2 Craig's associate.
6Hunter Maya's ex-boyfriend.
 CrystalLiuMaya's colleague.
8TedKanderoA veteran detective.
11MargaritaDelfinaOne of the maids at Omni Hotel. The girl that Peter raped.
 StevenPrinceThe former Bailiff. Aka: Bailiff Steve.
 Greg Margarita's manager.
 Hank The man who lives in the trailer. Bobby's friend.
14Sarabeth Albert and Kathy's daughter.
15Ishmael One of Maya's informants about Bobby.
17BenGaoThe head deputy DA.
18Darius Yasmine's brother.
19AnitaFontaineThe judge.
24AnitaCancioCarolina's sister.
 Sonya Alana's sister.
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