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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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    Part I: "The Tributes"
1Katniss EverdeenProtagonist. Hunter. aka: Catnip.
 Primrose EverdeenCatnip's younger sister. aka: Prim.
 Buttercup  World's ugliest cat. Prim's pet.
    The Seam - Part of District 12. The poorest area of the district.
    The Meadow - A scruppy field on District 12.
    District 12 - The place where Katniss lives.
    Panem - The country that rose up out of the ashes.
    Hob - A black market.
    Capitol - The ruling city of Panem.
 Gale  Catnip's hunting partner.
 Effie TrinketDistrict 12's escort.
 Greasy SaeAn old woman who sold hot soup.
 Madge  The Mayor's daughter.
 Lady  Prim's goat.
 Undersee  The Mayor of Capitol. Madge's father.
 Haymitch AbernathyDistrict 12 victor who is now a paunchy, middle-aged man.
2Peeta MellarkThe boy tribute from District 12. Baker's son.
3Johanna MasonDistrict 7's past tribute.
5   The City Circle - The Center of Capitol.
 Flavius  Part of Catnip's prep team.
 Venia  Part of Catnip's prep team.
 Olivia  Another plump woman who is part of Catnip's prep team.
 Cinna  Catnip's stylist and Portia's partner.
 Portia  Peeta's stylist and Cinna's partner.
6Snow  The President of Panem.
    Avox - A person who committed a crime.
 Delly CartwrightA pasty-faced, lumpy girl with yellowish hair.
7Rue  A little girl from District 11. This year's tribute from said District.
    The Careers - Attended special combat training to compete.
9Caesar FlickermanThe man who hosts The Hunger Games Interviews every year.
 Thresh  The boy tribute from District 11.
    Part II: "The Games"
10Titus  A cannibal tribute from District 6.
 Claudius TemplesmithThe legendary announcer of The Hunger Games.
11   Cornucopia - A giant golden corn-shaped cone.
 Fox FaceThe clever girl tribute of District 5.
13Cato  Boy tribute from District 2. Leader of The Careers. Antagonist.
 Glimmer  The girl with the arrow who tried to kill Catnip.
15Martin  A bot that killed for sunglasses.
    Part III: "The Victors"
19Clove  The girl tribute from District 2. Antagonist.
20Rooba  The butcher.