Characters - Alphabetical
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MichaelAdkinsLeslie's senior partner.
TimmyBeachClyde's acquaitance. A disabled veteran fund-raiser.
RandolphBoydWilliam's grandfather.
WilliamBoydOne of the wealthiest men of the state. Johnny's land buyer.
BonnieBusbyThe Raven County district attorney.
DanielleCarterWaylon's wife.
WaylonCarterJimmy's colleague.
JennyC. HightowerColson's wife.
WillardClineThe sheriff.
JackCrossA lawyer. Johnny's best friend.
WillisDredA man who was missing in a damp.
PeterDrexelThe man who called Jack. An editor.
JudgeFordOne of the court judges.
CreeFreemantle.Luana's daughter.
IsaacFreemantle.The owner of Hush Arbor. John's slave.
LeviFreemantle.The last male of Freemantle.
LuanaFreemantle.Isaac's female descendant who took ownership of Johnny's land.
MarthaGoodmanBoyd's cook and housekeeper.
LeslieGreenJack's boss. An Appellate lawyer.
ColsonHightowerOne of Willard's deputies.
Jimmy RayHillWillard's companion. A war veteran.
ClydeHuntJohnny's step-father. A Detective.
KatherineHuntJonny's mother.
GeorgeIIIThe King of Great Britain and United Kingdom.
JamieKimmelThe reporter's spotter.
JamesKirkpatrickA coal-country billionaire. Boyd's friend.
JamesKirkpatrick Jr.James's son.
TomLeeWillard's assistant. The Captain.
AlyssaMerrimonJohnny's twin sister. Deceased.
JohnMerrimonJohnny's great, great grandfather.
MarionMerrimonJohnny's great, great grandmother.
TrentonMooreThe medical examiner.
Dr.PatelA psychiatrist.
ElliePinkertonA reporter.
JudgeRandolphOne of the court judges.
CharlieRavenwoodA veteran who was missing in the swamp.
RandyReamerOwner of a large firm.
TiffanyShoreThe girl that Johnny saved.
BeatriceShowalterTyson's mother. The girl who found Randolph in the swamp.
TysonShowalterA political science professor.
Aina A slave that John buried alive.
Brinson A retired drill instructor.
Charlie Randolph's friend and co-hunter.
Clark One of Williard's deputies.
Daniel Johnny's neighbor. A gun store owner.
Dave A young man that Johnny met.
Grayson A policeman.
Hankins One of Williard's deputies.
Herbert Randolph's friend and co-hunter.
Jensen Captain Lee's paramedic.
Joyce Leslie's secretary.
Leon The bartender.
Martinez One of Williard's deputies.
Massassi The mysterious soul.
McGreevy One of Captain Lee's police officers.
Redmond A plott hound that Cree wanted to keep.
Sandy The receptionist at Jack Cross's firm
Theresa Luana's neighbor.
Verdine An old lady who knows about the swamp. Leon's grandmother.