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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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3   Reed   Zimmer   The doctor.
    Harper Vivian   Frost   Billy's daughter.
    William   Frost   Harper's father. aka: Billy/Gramps/William O'Shauhnessy Frost.
    Sadie   Zimmer   Reed's wife.
    Franklin G.   Phelps   Sadie's brother. aka: Frankie.
    Drew   Truman   Police sergeant.
    Yvonne   Truman   Drew's mother.
    Brendan   Donegal   Harper's best friend.
    Tabitha W.   Frost   Harper's twin sister.
    Ainsley   Cruise   Billy's granddaughter.
    Eleanor R.   Frost   Billy's wife. aka: Ellie, Grammie.
    Mrs.   Tobias   An excellent customer.
    Dee       Billy's nurse
    Jude   Hogan   Harper's former employer.
    Joey   Bowen   Frequent patron of Dahlia.
    Carmen       The bartender.
    Wyatt       Ainsley's father.
    Julian Wyatt   Cruise   Tabitha's son.
    Flossie       Eleanor's younger sister.
    Vivian H.   Roxie   Eleanor's mother.
    Fish       Harper's dog.
    Robyn       Jude's close friend.
    Stella       Jude's partner.
    Monaco       Jude's landscaping client.
    Ann-Lane   Crenshaw   Monaco's next door neighbor.
    Wanda       Drew's aunt.
    Mavis       Wanda's sister.
4   Ramsay   Striker   Tabitha's ex-boyfriend.
    Caylee   Keohane   Ramsay's girl.
    PJ       Peter's son.
    Kyle       PJ's brother.
    Lupalai       Peter's live-in partner.
    Emma   Marlowe   Ainsley's friend.
    Dutch       Emma's father.
    Felipa       The housekeeper.
    Zack       The young bartender.
    Teddy       Ainsley's boyfriend.
    BC       Ainsley's friend
    Candance   Beasley   Ainsley's long-time friend.
    Stephanie       Candace's mother.
    Graham   Elquot   Teddy's uncle.
5   Wyatt   (Sr.)   Ainsley's grandfather.
    Stu       Stephanie's husband.
    Mr.   Buenaventura   Candace's firth grade teacher
    Maggie       Ainsley's friend.
    Anna       Maggie's friend.
    Richard   Frost   Billy's father.
    Mr.   Bly   Ainsley's chemistry teacher.
    Smitty       Billy's golfing buddy.
6   Roger   Door   Smitty's friend.
    Kenneth   Dawe   General manager of Farm Neck. aka: Ken Doll.
    Penny   Dawe   Kenneth's ex-wife.
    Chief   Oberg   Chief of police.
    Wallace       Harper's boss. aka: Rooster.
    Adam   Greenfield   President of the Hospital. aka: Greenie.
7   Becky       Wyatt's second wife.
    Rhonda   Fiorello   Eleanor's first cousin.
    Mrs.   Lawton   Harper and Tabitha's teacher.
9   Jethro       Drew's cousin.
    Adele       Rooster Espress's driver.
    Polly   Childs   The sales associate.
    Brock       Polly's boyfriend.
10   Dr.   Karabines   The orthopedist.
    Meghan       The store manager.
    Blaise   Pascal   Eleanor's daschund.
    Mary Jo       The sales associate.
    Jonathan       Meghan's husband.
11   Spyder       Brendan's friend.
    Edie   Donegal   Brendan's mother.
    Endira   Mayhew   Harper's favorite ferry master.
    Sofie       Brendan's sister.
12   Mr.   Duncombe   An English sister.
    Ms.   Kerr   The school secretary.
    Dr.   Bentz   The school principal.
    Mrs.   Pineda   The school nurse.
    Jasmine   Miyagi   Queen bee of freshman class.
16   Ms.   Brudie   Ainsley's chaperone.
17   Henry   Flagler   Flossie's husband.
    Caroline       A friendly bartender.
    Tripp   Malcolm   Owner of a big, fat house.
    Monroe       Eleanor's friend's son.
    Al   Phelps   Franklin's father.
    Lydia       Franklin's mother.
    Patti   Prescott   Franklin's girlfriend.
    David Wayne   Mitzak   Meghan's son.
    Marissa       Mary Jo's friend.
    Scoop       Marissa's buddy.
20   Marcella       Graham's girlfriend.
22   Woody   Pride   The Sheriff
23   Charlotte       Ramsay's sister.
    Annalisa       Franklin's trusted friend.
24   Percil   Ott   Ramsay's client.
    Bonnie   Atkinson   The receptionist.
    Norm   Atkinson   Bonnie's husband.
    Royal   DiLeo   Police officer.
    Shorty       Manager of Straight Wharf.
26   Noal   Mayhew   Reservationist of the Covington.
    Tad   Morrissey   Franklin's right-hand man.
    Christine   Velman   Lydia's friend.
    Cecily       Roger's wife.
    Jo Ann   Oberg   Chief Oberg's wife.
    Shirley   Sparks   Chief Oberg's administrative assistant.
27   Lisa   Hockwater   ERF customer.
    Potter       Lisa's dog.
28   Paulo       Franklin's crew.
    Richie   Grennan   Franklin's good friend.
29   Doobie       Spyder's friend.
    Cory       Landscaper who worked for Jude.
31   Barker       Retired fisherman.
    Chet   Holland   Cab driver.
    Desiree       Chet's sister.
    Dave       Chet's brother.
32   Justine       Ken Doll's teenage daughter.
    Dot       Reed's elderly aunt.
    Carter   Mayne   Reed's medical school roommate.
    Dr.   Vandermeer   The OBgyne.
    Alison       First-time mother.
    Spencer   Douglas   Alison's son.
    Tracy   Sweeten   Reed's girl in seventh grade.
    Dick   Davenport   Executive office from Atlanta.
36   Sopp       Bartender.
37   Dorritt   Prescott   Patti's mother.
Epi   Tiny   Baker   Delivers the cake.
    Lucy   Bean   The pug.