Characters - Alphabetical
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LaureAurelianGeorge Gey's colleague at Hopkins. A microbiologist.
RichardAxelA molecular biologist.
HenryBeecherA Harvard anesthesiologist.
RolandBergA press officer at NFIP.
BertilBjorklundA cancer specialist who was penalized by injecting HeLa cell.
BaruchBlumbergA Nobel-Prize winning virologist.
CharlesBynumThe director of "Negro Activities".
AlexisCarrelA French surgeon at Rockefeller Institute.
AlfredCarterDeborah's grandson.
Alfred CarterDeborah's husband. Aka: Cheetah.
DavonCarterDeborah's grandson.
LatonyaCarterDeborah's daughter.
AlfredCarter Jr.Deborah's son.
Ananda M.ChakrabrtyA scientist working at General Electric.
PresidentClintonThe current U.S. President.
JohnnieCochranO.J. Simpson's lawyer.
JohnnyColemanDavid's father.
Mrs.ColemanJohnny's wife.
BobbetteCooperLawrence's girlfriend.
LewisCoriellA renowned cell culturist.
MarieCurieThe woman who discovered Radium. Pierre's wife.
PierreCurieThe man who discovered Radium. Marie's wife.
AdamCurtisA BBC producer in London.
BillDavidsonA reporter from Collier Magazine.
DonaldDeflerRebecca's college professor.
J.DouglasA biologist at Brunel University.
WiltonEarleThe scientist who originally grew the L-Cell.
RobertErhlich Jr.A U.S. state house of representative.
CliffGarrettFred's brother.
FredGarrettHenrietta and David's cousin.
StanleyGartlerA geneticist.
GeorgeGeyThe head of tissue culture research at Hopkins who took Henrietta's cell.
MargaretGeyGeorge Gey's wife.
GeorgeGey Jr.George's son.
DavidGoldeA prominent cancer researcher at UCLA.
JoeGrinnanHenrietta and Tommy's cousin. Henrietta's lover.
HenryHarrisA scientist who created the first human-animal hybrid cell.
LeonardHayflickThe world's famous cell culturist.
HectorHenryHenrietta's first cousin. Aka: Cootie.
JohnHopkinsOwner of the hospital who took Henrietta's cell.
CharlieHorseTommy's tall bay.
SusanHsuThe director of medical genetics at American Red Cross.
T.CHsuThe chair of Garler's conference session. Geneticist.
GroverHutchinsThe director of autopsy service.
GeorgeHyattA navy doctor working with National Cancer Institute.
WilliamHymanA lawyer.
ReverendJacksonRebecca's friend.
HowardJonesHenrietta's physician.
RossJonesHopkins's assistant.
Lord KeenanK. CofieldDeborah's relative.
HowardKellyA surgeon who visited the Curies.
JosephKellyThe head of public relations at Hopkins.
RichardKidwellOne of Hopkins's attorneys.
MaryKubicekGeorge Gey's assistant.
AlbertLacksHenrietta's maternal great-grandfather.
BenjaminLacksAlbert's brother.
CarltonLacksThe oldest white lackses in Clover.
ChloeLacksHenrietta's grandmother.
DavidLacksHenrietta's husband and cousin. Aka: Day.
DeborahLacksHenrietta's daughter. Aka: Dale.
Eliza P.LacksHenrietta's mother.
ElsieLacksHenrietta and David's oldest daughter.
EmmettLacksHenrietta's cousin.
GaryLacksGlady's son.
GladysLacksHenrietta's sister.
HenriettaLacksHad a unique cell. Aka: Loretta Pleasant, Helen Lane, Helen Larson.
JoeLacksHenrietta's fifth child. Aka: Crazy Joe, Zakariyya Bari Abdul Rahman.
JosephLacksHenrietta's fourth child.
LawrenceLacksHenrietta and David's first child.
LilianLacksHenrietta's youngest sister.
RobinLacksWinston, Benjamin, and Albert's father.
RubyLacksCarlton's wife and cousin.
TommyLacksHenrietta's grandfather.
WinstonLacksAlbert's brother.
DavidLacks Jr.Henrietta and David's son. Aka: Sonny.
LouisLefkowitzThe New York State Attorney.
ChristophLengauerA young Hopkins's cancer researcher.
WarrenLewisGeorge Gey's mentor.
PaulLurzThe hospital's director of performance and improvement.
EmanuelMandelDirector of medicine at Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital.
VictorMcKusickA leading geneticist. George Gey's colleague.
AliceMooreChester's colleague.
WalterNelson-ReesThe director of cell culture in Naval Laboratory.
RichardNixonThe current U.S. President.
RolandPatilloGeorge Gey's student. A professor of gynecology at Morehouse.
HenriettaPleasantThe great aunt of Henrietta Lacks.
JohnnyPleasantHenrietta's father.
Lucile ElsiePleasantHenrietta's sister.
CharlesPomeratGeorge Gey's long-time friend.
JamesPullumA mechanic. Deborah's husband.
SamuelReaderThe owner of mircobiological associates.
JeremyRifkinAn author and activist.
JoAnnRodgersJohn Hopkins's spokeperson.
MichaelRogersA young reporter from Rolling Stone. Aka: Mike.
JohnS. PleasantA man who inherited Mourning and George.
FranklinSalisbury Jr.President of National Foundation for Cancer Research.
JonasSalkA scientist who developed the world's polio vaccine.
WilliamSchererGeorge Gey's colleague from NFIP.
TerrySharrerA curator at Smithsonian National Museum of American History.
RebeccaSklootAuthor and Narrator.
TedSlavinA man who was born a hemophiliac in 1950.
ChesterSouthamA well respected cancer researcher and chief of virology.
CourtneySpeedCeated a building devoted to Henrietta.
CyrusSpeedCourtney's son.
KeithSpeedCourtney's son.
MikeSpeedCourtney's son.
TyroneSpeedCourtney's son.
RobertStevensonA scientist. The President of ATCC.
JeromeSylverstonWilliam's adviser.
Richard W.TelindeJoe's boss. One of the top cervical cancer experts. Aka: Uncle Dick.
LeighVan ValenAn evolutionary biologist at University of Chicago.
MonroeVincentSamuel's business partner.
JosephWarnerThe famous judge at The People's T.V. show.
John WatkinsHenry's colleague.
Dr. LawrenceWharton Jr.Henrietta's surgeon.
Dr.WilburA doctor who'd done the autopsy of the body of Henrietta.
BarbaraWycheA sociologist at Morga State University.
HarraldZur HausenA german virologist who discovered human pappiloma virus.
Bobcat A white man who runs a minimart in Clover.
Cadillac Tommy's hound.
Dan Tommy's hound.
Edmund Henrietta's paternal great-grandfather. George and Mourning's son.
Ethel Galen's wife.
Galen Henrietta's cousin.
Gardenia Bobbette's friend.
George Mourning's husband.
Ivy Deborah's neighbor that Joe killed.
JaBrea Sonny's granddaughter.
June Crazy Joe's friend.
Margaret Henrietta's cousin.
Minnie Margaret's assistant.
Mourning Henrietta's great, great grandmother.
Munchie A midwife. Henrietta's cousin.
Peter Henrietta's cousin.
Roseland A woman who runs the Rosie's.
Sadie Henrietta's cousin.