Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.AlexanderClyde's client.
Devin BannerLance's son.
LanceBannerMatt's childhood friend. A detective.
TomBusherClyde's cousin. Possible suspect for killings. Aka: Comb-Over.
RogerCudahyOne of the techno guys who goes to Cingle's office.
KimmyDaleCandace's close friend and co-stripper.
GertieDarrowMax's wife.
MaxDarrowThe detective who investigated Candace's murder case.
CalDollingerAdam's chief advisor.
LenFriedmanLoren's source in the Candace Potter Murder Case.
KevinFriendmanLen's son.
RolandaGarfieldMatt's secretary.
HarrisGrimesA man who ran the FBI's Los Angeles field office.
Dr.HaddonOlivia's doctor.
RandallHorneA lawyer.
BernieHunterMarsha's husband. Matt's brother.
EthanHunterBernie and Marsha's son.
MarshaHunterBernie's wife.
PaulHunterBernie and Marsha's son.
PastorJillThe corrupt head of a religious institution.
MotherKatherineThe mother superior at St. Margaret's High.
IkeKierMatt's senior partner. Aka: Midlife.
EmmaLemayClyde's girlfriend.
OliviaM. HunterMatt's wife. Aka: Liv.
Sister Mary RoseThe mysterious murdered nun.
ClarkMcGrathStephen's father.
CoraMcGrathMichelle and Stephen's sister.
MichelleMcGrathSonya's oldest daughter. Stephen's sister.
SonyaMcGrathStephen's mother.
StephenMcGrathA man that Matt accidentaly killed.
CassandraMeadowsCandace's co-stripper. Deceased.
MaryMeadowsCassandra's mother.
SylvesterMeadowsCassandra's father.
JoshuaMurrayOlivia's father. A town doctor.
LorenMuseInvestigator on Sister Mary Rose's murder case. Aka: Squirt.
Dr.PatelMatt's doctor.
CandacePotterA night club stripper. Murdered.
SallyRandThe inventor of fan dance.
ClydeRangorThe owner of the club where Kimmy and Candace worked.
CingleShakerA private investigator. Matt's friend.
KyraSloanPaul and Ethan's babysitter.
EdSteinbergThe Essex County Prosecutor. Loren's boss.
MikeStermanThe CEO of a big pharmaceutical company called Pentacol.
TedStevensThe FBI agent that Adam assigned to follow Olivia.
MalcolmStewardCingle's boss.
CarterSturgisOwner of the law firm where Matt works. Matt's boss.
JamieSuhOlivia's assistant.
CharlesTallyKimmy's client. A man Max Darrow hires. Aka: Chally.
EldonTeakThe Essex County medical examiner.
EricTequestaThe doctor in Meredian Idaho.
JoanThurstonThe U.S. Attorney.
CarmenValos-MuseLoren's mother.
RedWindbreakerOwner of a bar called Red Windbreaker.
TrevorWineA homicide investigator. Loren's colleague.
AdamYatesFBI agent in Los Angeles, Nevada. One of Clyde's clients.
SamYatesAdam's son.
Carla A student with violation at St. Margaret's High.
Cassie Joshua's receptionist and nurse. Olivia's nanny.
Doug Olivia's college sweetheart.
Dougie Fleisher's brother.
Duff Matt's roommate and best friend.
Ernie The receptionist at the hotel.
Eva A girl that Pastor Jill evicted.
Felix One of Loren's cats.
Fleisher Matt's old neighbor. A cop.
Hades The camera phone salesman.
Harold Lance's home inspector.
Jonathan Michelle's husband.
Lawrence Matt's childhood friend.
Mel A bar owner. Matt's acquaintance.
Milo One of Pastor Jill's sons.
Oscar One of Loren's cats.
Pete Loren's boyfriend.
Pete Matt's old friend.
Saul Matt's co-prisoner who taught him how to steal cars.
Stan The museum's security guard.
Taylor One of Kimmy's old probation officers.
Tiffany Mr. Horne's client.
Tommy The parking lot attendant.