Characters - Alphabetical
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Jane Bettleman Attended women's meetings at Arc Street.
Mr. Bettleman Jane's husband.
Samuel Bettleman A most powerful figure.
Henry Clay A great pacifier.
Sarah M. Douglas Teacher in school for black children.
Mr. Drayton Thomas's father-in-law.
Mrs. Drayton Thomas's mother-in-law.
Sally Drayton Thomas's wife.
Dr. Geddings Family's physcian.
Monday Gell Lost something that Denmark had set off.
John Paul Grimke Judge on South Carolina's highest court. Sarah's father.
Sarah Grimke Sixth born child and second daughter.
Booga Hag An old woman who rode about on a broom.
Robert Hayne The nullifier.
Daniel Hugar Father's lawyer's friend.
Gullah Jack Right-hand man of Mr Vesey.
Mrs. King Always had a Tuesday party.
Henry Kollack A famous preacher.
Robert Martin Slave preacher.
Dr. McIntire Superintendent of Sabbah School.
Israel Morris A broker.
Lucretia Mott Sarah's defender.
Stable Mucker Yard servant.
Miss Parodi The one who saw the letter given to Sarah.
William Paul A braggart.
Philip Physick A surgeon from Philadelphia.
Joh Prioleau House slave's owner.
Madame Ruffin Sarah's tutor and French nemesis.
Mrs. Russel Mother's friend.
Mrs. Shittier John Greenleaf's mother.
Mrs. Todd Rented a room for Sarah.
Denmark Vesey Sky's father.
John G. Whittier Theodore's close friend.
Burke Williams A guy Sarah was dating.
John Woolman A great defender of faith.
Elizur Wright The one who was entrusted to forward the letter.
Althea   A friendly sister.
Amelia Jane   Sarah's old maid aunt.
Angelina   Sarah's godchild. aka: Nina.
Anna   The one who slept with her thumb in mouth.
Aunt-sister   The cook.
Becky   Israel's six-year-old daughter.
Ben   Sarah's brother.
Binah   Nursery servant.
Catherine   Israel's sister.
Charlotte   Best seamstress. aka: Mauma
Cindie   Mother's maid.
Edward   Jane Bettleman's son.
Eli   House servant.
Eliza   Slipped into the bed to hide from Booga.
Franny   Sally's cousin.
Frederick   Mary's brother.
Goodis   Footman at the plantation.
Grace   Sarah Mapps's mother.
Hardtime   Mauma's brother.
Hector   The new butler.
Henry   Ben's brother.
Hetty   Lady's maid. aka: Handful.
Hilde   A free black girl.
Hiram   Black stallion.
James   Lucretia's husband.
Jenny   Handful's sister. aka: Sky.
Jess   A good and kind slave.
Jimmie   Male crab.
John   First born child of the Grimke.
Little Israel   Israel's son who will get married.
Lucy   Sarah's waiting maid.
Maria   The laundry slave.
Mary   Sarah's older sister.
Minta   A new maid.
Missus   Taught short bible verses to Hetty.
Old Snow   The carriage driver.
Peggy   Slave who did the weaving.
Phoebe   Kitchen servant.
Prince   Yard servant.
Rebecca   Israel's wife.
Rosetta   An old slave.
Sabe   Coachman.
Shanney   A field slave.
Sook   Female crab.
Susan   Mr. Vesey's wife.
Thomas   Sarah's favorite brother.
Tom   A blacksmith slave.
Tomfry   Gentleman's servant.
Wilcos   Held a branding iron in the fire.