Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs.ApfelThe Morgenstern's housemaid.
MajorBalintAndras's new commander.
MajorBarnaThe company commander.
LuckyBelaAndras's father. Aka: Bela Levi, Apa.
PresidentBenesThe Czech President.
BertoltBrechtA playwright.
MagdolnaBrunerOne of Mr. Kleins's acquaitances.
RosyButtocksThe male baboon.
LeCorbusierA famous Swish-French architect.
MadameCourbetThe wardrobe mistress.
CountCsakyThe Hungarian foreign minister.
LajosCsatayThe new minister of defense.
FeketehalmyCzeydnerThe general who ordered the execution of thousands of jews.
PremierDaladierThe leader of France.
AlexandraDanilovaOne of the great dancers.
IlanaDi SabatoThe girl Ben Yakov falls in love with.
Mr.DupuisThe president's secretary.
FrigyesEpplerAndras's fomer editor.
CaptainErdoAn old guard liberal.
RaymondFischerA famous architect.
VincentForestierAndras's boss.
PierreFresnayA French film star.
RozsaGellerThe girl Tibor falls in love with.
MarcelleGerardThe actress who took over Claudine's part.
ErnoGeroA Hungarian communist party leader.
LaszloGoldfarbAndras's colleague.
SandorGoldsteinKlara's dancing partner.
DoraGordinThe Latvian-born sculptor.
ElzaHaszThe wife of a bank director. Jozsef's mother.
GyorgyHaszJozsef's father. Claire's brother.
Jozsef HaszElza;s son.
MendelHorovitzAndras's former schoolmate. A member of the Hungarian olympic team.
MiklosHorthyThe Regent of Hungary.
BaruchImberThe company doctor.
AraJerezianAn Armenian doctor.
UncleJobThe managing editor.
BaronessKacynskaA 16th century aristocrat.
JanikaKaloziThe veteran potante commander.
JanosKaloziThe major.
EvaKerenyThe girl Andras kissed.
MiklosKleinTibor's acquaintance. Former emigration officer.
GittaKohnZindel's wife.
GyulaKohnMatyas's friend. Deceased.
ZindelKohnThe man that Lucky Bela met.
OrsolaKorcsolyaThe baker's daughter.
MarkusKovacsThe clerk at the Visa office.
GeorgesLemainAndras's boss. An architect.
FernandLemarqueOne of Andras's classmates.
SuzanneLenglenThe deceased French champion.
AdamLeviIlana and Tibor's son.
AndraskaLeviTibor's brother. Protagonist. Aka: Andraska, Zsidocska, Parisi.
FloraLeviAndras's mother. Bela's wife. Aka: Anya.
MatyasLeviTibor and Andras's brother.
TiborLeviAndras's brother. Protagonist.
TomasLeviAndras's and Claire's son.
WilliMandlThe boy who plays piano.
JokaiMorA famous novelist who escaped the Austrians.
ElisabetMorgernsternThe ballet instructor's daughter.
ImreNagyThe Prime Minister.
VilmosNagyOne of the generals.
OlgaNevitskayaA famed ballet teacher.
JanosNovakEdith and Zoltan's son.
ZoltanNovakThe man that Andras met. The theatre owner.
JesseOwensAn olympic gold medalist.
MoricPappThe vaci utca dealer.
GeneralPaulusThe German sixth army commander.
PresidentPemjeanThe current president.
AugustePerretOne of the architect professors. Aka: Le Colonel.
George-HenriPingussonA famous architect.
EliPolanerAndras's jewish classmate.
Viktor VasilievichRomankovA famous dance instructor. Claire's dance teacher.
OlgaSpessivtzeaOne of the great dancers.
MalletStevensThe school architect.
FerencSzalasiThe arrow cross leader.
FerencSzombathelyiThe chief of the general staff.
DomeSztojayA prime minister.
ProfessorTiborOne of the professors.
ZsuzsaToronyiThe Hungarian Diva.
EmileTrelatThe school founder.
GastonTretlatEmile's son. The school director.
BertaTurkA pianist.
MadameVThe proprietress of the boarding house.
PierreVagoOne of the architect professors. Andras's tutor.
KarolyVarsadiThe commander Szentendre.
ClaudineVillareal-BlochThe mother of the title. The leading actress.
Ernst EduardVom RathA German diplomat.
JoachimVon RibbentropA German politician.
VonWeichThe general field marshal.
BenYakovAndras's Jewish classmate.
MiklosYblA Hungarian who won an international competition opera house design.
Bandi One of the servicemen.
Claudel The assistant stage manager.
Coco The sexy woman character that Andras illustrates.
D'Aubigne The stage manager.
Di Samuele The rabbi in charge in Tibor and Ilana's wedding.
Dobek A Yugoslav doctor.
Edith Novak's wife.
Edouard One of Klara's lovers.
Farago Varsadi's adjutant.
Gaspar The man who raped Klara.
Grimasz Major Kalozi's first lieutenant.
Grynszpan The man who assassinated Ernt Vom Rath.
Hitler The leader of the Nazis.
Horvath A lieutenant.
Ingrid Jozsef's caretaker.
Jozska One of the servicemen.
Kallay The prime minister.
Kati Mrs. Hasz's maid.
Keresztes The respected surgeon.
Kicsi Flora's little goat.
Kozma Andras's new commander.
Krisztina One of the nurses.
Lajos Gaspar's colleague.
Lucia The girl that Ben Yakov dated.
Lukas A former plumber's assistant. One of the guards.
Marcel A young dancer. One of Klara's lovers.
Marie-Laure The tallest architect student.
Marika Andras's new maid.
Marthe Elisabet's friend.
Marton The general. Andras's commander.
Masha Nevitskaya's maid.
Medard The fifth year studio monitor.
Mussolini The prime minister of Italy.
Noni Flora's little goat.
Orban The record-master.
Pely The custodian.
Rosen Andras's Jewish classmate.
Rudolf Bela's father.
Rudolf Bela's acquaintance.
Sanyi One of the servicemen.
Serafina A seamstress. Matyas's lover.
Shalhevet Rosen's new copine.
Simon The Hasz's assistant.
Sophie One of Claire's ballet students.
Szaboc A barge captain.
Tosca The opera diva.
V. Bourgeois One of the architect professors.
Zilber The electrician.
Zsofia Jozsef's girlfriend.