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Kristian Fabricante
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   Day 1: 2008
 KimYoung-SookNarrator and Protagonist. The best haenyeo.
 KangGu-JaA baby diver. Young Sook's co-diver and childhood friend.
 KangGu-SunGu-ja's younger sister.
 Ji-Young Mi Ja's granddaughter. Aka: Janet.
 Jim Janet's husband.
 HanMi JaYoung Sook's best friend. Janet's grandmother.
 Clara Janet's daughter.
 Scott Janet's son.
   Part 1
 YangDo-SaengSun-Sil's diving partner and best friend.
 YangYu-RiDo-Saeng's daughter. A baby diver.
 YangJun-BuDo-Saeng's son.
 ShamanKimThe spiritual leader and guide.
 Aigo Yu-Ri's fiancĂ©.
 KimSun-SilYoung Sook's mother.
 HanGil-HoMi Ja's father.
 Lee-Ok Mi Ja's aunt.
 HimChanMi Ja's uncle.
 Ko One of the founders of Jeju City.
 Bu One of the founders of Jeju City.
 Yang One of the founders of Jeju City.
 HalmangJacheongbiThe Goddess of Love.
   Day 2: 2008
 Dr.ShinThe emergency doctor.
   Part 2
 HalmangSmaseungThe Goddess who protects babies.
 Alexi The man who accompanied Mi Ja and Young Sook.
 Vlad Alexi's friend.
 LeeSang-MunMi Ja's fiancĂ©.
 LittleSisterYoung Sook's little sister.
 LeeHan-BongSang Mun's father.
 Grandmother Young Sook's grandmother.
 MadameLeeMi Ja's mother-in-law.
 KimIn-HaThe leader of the collective.
 LeeYo-ChanMi Ja and Sang Mun's son.
 Yang Min LeeYoung Sook and Jun Bu's daughter.
 YangGi WonThe collective chief.
 WanSoonGu Sun's daughter.
 GrannyChoMin Lee's babysitter.
 JangKi-YeongYoung Sook's new neighbor.
 YunSuKi-Yeong's daughter. Jun Bu's student.
 YangSung-SooYoung Sook and Jun Bu's son.
   Day 3: 2008
 RohTae-WooThe first President to be elected by South Koreans.
   Part 3
 ThurmanStoutThe Jeju military governor.
 ColonelBrownThe new American in charge.
 Yoo The Korean Governor.
 GeneralDeanThe U.S. military governor in charge of Korea.
 RheeSyngmanThe American elected Korean President.
 KyungSooYoung Sook and Jun Bu's son.
   Day 4: 2008
 KimDae-JungThe new Korean President.
   Part 4
 ParkChung-HeeThe new President.
 Yeongdeung The Goddess of the wind.
 Joon-Lee Young Sook's daughter.
 Yang-Jin Young Sook's diving partner.
 Dr.ParkA scientist.
 Dr. Lee Dr. Park's colleague.
 Dr. Bok Dr. Park's colleague.
 Dr. Jones Dr. Park's colleague.
 Teacher OhJoon Lee's teacher.
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