Characters - Alphabetical
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BoydAndersonAmerican soldier.
IrinaBaziliProtagonist. Immigrant from Romania. aka Elisabeta.
LennyBealOne of the residents of the Lark House.
Alma BelascoOne of the residents of the Lark House. aka Alma Mendel.
DavidBelascoMost famous ancestor of the Belasco's. Deceased.
DorisBelascoAlma's daughter-in-law.
IsaacBelascoAlma's father-in-law. Established the Belasco Foundation.
LarryBelascoAlma's son. Doris' husband
LillianBelascoIsaac's wife
MarthaBelascoLillian and Isaac's daughter.
Nathaniel BelascoLillian and Isaac's son.
PaulineBelascoSeth's sister
SarahBelascoLillian and Isaac's daughter.
SethBelascoAlma's grandson.
MissBrodyPrincipal at Ichimei's school.
JeanDanielHaitian aide at the Lark House.
FrankDelilloDoctor. Mentor of Megumi.
HelenDempseyOne of the residents of the Lark House.
JacquesDevineOne of the residents of the Lark House. aka Frenchie.
LupitaFariasHead of the cleaning staff at the Lark House.
CharlesFukudaIchimei's oldest brother.
DelphineFukudaIchimei's wife. Primary school teacher. aka Delphine Akimura.
HeidekoFukudaTakao's wife. Ichimei's mother.
Ichimei FukudaAlma's childhood friend. aka Ichi.
JamesFukudaIchimei's older brother.
MegumiFukudaIchimei's older sister.
TakaoFukudaGardener of the Belasco family. Ichimei's father.
MissHoneycombAlma's English governess.
CatherineHopeDoctor. Resident at the Lark House. aka Cathy.
ClotaireMartineaux Member of the Resistance during World War II.
BarujMendelAlma's father.
BarujMendelSamuel's son. Named after his father.
SamuelMendelAlma's brother.
KemiMoritaOomoto's Spiritual Leader.
Anat RakosiMother of Samuel's child.
VictorVikashevHead gardener at the Lark House.
HansVoigtDirector of the Lark House.
RonWilkinsFBI Agent.
Charles Megumi's son.
Costea Irina's grandfather
Kirsten Works at Alma's Silk Screening Studio. Has Down Syndrome.
Meili Gallery assistant. Chinese.
Mike Ichimei's son.
Neko Alma's tabby cat.
Peter Ichimei's younger son.
Petruta Irina's grandmother
Radmila Irina's mother.
Sophia Lenny's dog.
Tim Irina's business partner.