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Remy Hale
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1 Felicity A receptionist.
Lacy Stoltz The interim director of the Board on Judicial Conduct.
Margie Fake name of Lacy's client.
Darren Trope An investigator.
Hugo Hatch Lacy's colleague.
2 Jeri Crosby A political science professor in the University of Alabama.
Bryan Burke Jeri's father.
3 Frankie Lacy's French bulldog.
Allie Pacheco Lacy's boy friend.
Ross Bannick A judge.
4 Gunther Lacy's older brother.
Trudy Gunther and Lacy's aunt.
Adele English singer/songwriter.
5 Thad Leawood A scoutmaster.
6 Perry Kronke A retired lawyer.
Jack the Ripper Unidentified serial killer.
Denise Jeri's daughter.
7 Maddy Reese Lacy's most trusted colleague.
Charlotte Baskin The current director. aka: Cleopatra.
Sadelle A career paralegal.
8 Lanny Verno A house painter.
Bob Butler A county inspector.
Mike Dunwoody A well-known builder.
Marsha Dunwoody's wife.
Dale Black Harrison County sheriff.
Mancuso A deputy sheriff.
Joey Dunwoody's son.
Nic A college kid worked as part-time techie at police station.
Herschel Dareford A postmaster at Neely Post Office.
Willie Nelson American country musician.
Cherry McGraw Sheriff Black's daughter.
9 Elizabeth Taylor British-American actress.
10 Rachel Lacy's new neighbor.
11 Lulu One of Jeri's alias.
Kenny Lee Jeri's acquaintance.
12 Earl Hatley The current chairman of BJC.
Judith Taylor A finance officer at BJC.
Senator Fowinkle Chairman of Finance.
13 Rollie Tabor An ex-cop.
Jeff Dunlap The name used by Tabor.
Mack Faldo An ancient clerk.
Norris Ozment A police officer.
14 Ted A cop.
15 Betty Roe A secret name of Jeri Crosby.
Eileen Nickleberry Ross Bannick's acquaintance.
Ashley Barasso Bannick's classmate in college.
Jill Monroe Jeri's fake name.
Ted Bundy American serial killer.
17 John Wayne Gacy American serial killer and torturer.
Samuel Little American serial killer.
Detective Napier The chief investigator in Biloxi.
18 Udell A car dealer.
Robert Trager A new car dealer.
Mrs. Trager Robert's wife.
Chief Turnbull A homicide detective.
Robert West The name used by Bannick's in all his business transactions.
20 Larry Toscano Bannick's acquaintance.
R. Bufford Furr One of the top trial lawyers in Florida.
Verna Hatch Hugo's widow.
21 Detective Grimsley The State lead investigator.
22 Janet Worked at Hertz rental car.
Dr. Albert Marbury Fake name used by Bannick.
23 Roger Kronke's older son.
Susie Mr. Tabor's secretary.
24 Ronald Trudy's husband.
25 Melba A maid.
Helen Bannick's girlfriend.
Herbert A doorman.
Dr. Rangle Bannick's acquaintance.
Stevie Wonder American singer
Smokey Robinson American singer-songwriter.
Mack McGregor A trial lawyer.
26 Walt Sneed Bannick's acquaintance.
Jess Leawood Thad's brother.
Preston Dill One of Bannick's first clients.
Alfred Bryan Burke's son.
Roland Crosby Jeri's husband.
Dave Attison Ross Bannick's acquaintance.
Roxie Dave's wife.
Cora Laker A lawyer.
27 Lieutenant Ohler A detective.
Lieutenant Dobbs A detective.
Rusty One of the janitors.
Rodney One of the janitors.
Diana Zhang Ross Bannick's long-time secretary.
Habberstam The chief judge.
29 Mal Schnetzer A lawyer.
30 Link Denise's close friend.
31 Elmore Leonard American novelist and screenwriter.
Herman Gray An FBI legend.
Mrs. Gray Herman's wife.
32 Jason Wright Ross Bannick's friend.
34 Dagner Special agent of Pensacola
Clay Vidovich The special agent in-charged.
Drew Suarez One of the special agents.
Agnes Neff One of the special agents.
Murray One of the special agents.
Lieutenant Harris One of the investigators from Florida State Police.
Wendell One of the investigators from Florida State Police.
35 Mr. Brammer Jeri's neighbor.
Margie Frazier The name used by Jeri in the hotel.
41 Joseph Kassabian Bannick's doctor.
42 Jane Kemper A reporter.
Herbert Bannick Ross' father.
Mrs. Bannick Ross' mother.
Katherine LaMott Ross' sister.
45 Ernie One who worked at used cars shop.
Herman One who worked at used cars shop.
46 Jane Kronke Perry Kronke's wife.
Guff Kronke's son.
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