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Characters By Chapter
Ry Smith
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1   Michelle   Dahlstrom   Student. Daughter of the Governor.
    Shelly       Student. Classmate of Michelle.
    Thomas   Drayton III   Student. aka: Tommy. Classmate of Michelle.
    Shareena   Miller   Student. Classmate of Michelle.
    Allison   Montgomery   Student. Classmate of Michelle.
    Bob   Murphy   State trooper, highway patrol.
4   Jacob   Waschke   Police detective - Lieutenant. aka: Jake.
    Gary   Linaman   St. Paul detective.
5   Daniel   Washke   Jacob's brother, an attorney.
    Theodore   Dahlstrom   Governor.
    John   Lucas   Detective, St. Paul.
7   Marc   Kadella   Attorney.
    Carolyn   Lucas   John Lucas wife.
    Chris   Grafton   Attorney in office with Kadella.
    Karen   Kadella   Marc Kadella's former wife.
    Raymont   Fuller   Robber.
8   Martin   Eason   Judge on Kadella - Fornich case.
    Veronica   McMartin   Lawyer.
    Jennifer   Moore   Prosecutor.
9   Margaret   Tennant   Judge.
10   Carl   Johnson   Deputy. aka: Big Train.
11   Barry   Cline   Attorney in office with Marc Kadella.
12   Louie       Bartender.
    Roger   Holby   Deputy Chief of Police.
13   Helen   Paltrow   Forensic Psychiatrist.
    Mary   Briggs   Victim. Killed.
    Denise   Anderson   Police officer.
    Mike   Santell   Police officer.
    Constance   Gavin   Victim #4. Killed.
14   Kimberly   Mason   Victim #3. Killed.
    Susan   Gillette   Mayor.
    Fredrick   Romey   Chief of Police.
    Ron   Goldman   Mayor's Press Secretary.
15   Marvin   Henderson   Lives alone with his dog. Discovered corpse near Lake Calhoun.
    Donna   Senser   6th victim. Killed.
    Doug   Foley   Police sergeant.
17   Dr.   Canby   Doctor at hospital.
18   Steven   McDonough   Police sergeant.
    Lori   Washke   Daniel Washke's wife.
    Dr.   Lestor   Therapist.
20   Kathy   Sanders   Kadella's client. Getting divorced.
    Connie   Mickelson   Kadella's landlord - and an attorney.
21   Linda   Martin   Kadella's client. Divorced.
22   Gordon   Prentiss   Judge.
23   Carl   Fornich   Criminal.
27   Marty   Hobbs   Criminal controlled by Washke.
28   Owen   Jefferson   Sergeant and senior detective.
    Alice   Darwin   Victim. Killed.
29   Beth   Johnson   Detective.
30   Deirdre   McConnell   Lawyer for U.S. Justice Department.
31   Joe   Fornich   Carl Fornich's brother.
32   Craig   Slocum   County attorney. Political asperations.
    Steven   Gondeck   Slocum's prosecutor.
    Franklin   Morrison   Public defender.
35   Harold   Jennrich   Chief Judge.
42   Tony   Carvelli   Investigator.
    Madeline   Rivers   Young and beautiful private investigator. aka: Maddy
48   Paul   Jacobson   Head of police crime Lab.
51   Tom   Mills   Investigator for the Governor.
52   Andrea   Elliot   Washington lawyer, Tax Division.
55   Louise   Washke   Jake and Daniel's mother.
56   Eddie   Davis   Undercover detective.
    David   Fitzpatrick   Jake's former classmate. An attorney.
    Derryl   Haesly   Chairman of hiring committee at Fitzpatrick's firm.
57   Thomas   Olson   Jailhouse snitch.
    Mike   Carlson   Police officer.
60   Mildred   McDonald   Washke neighbor.
64   Alicd   Darwin   Victim #5.
68   Wally   Bingham   Drug runner.
    Marlys   Fletcher   Drug runner.
69   Sharon   Marzell   Works at U.S. Justice Department - Tax Division.
70   Mildred   Jackson   Saw victim pulled into park.
    Amanda   Evans   Fingerprint expert.
71   Howard   Palen   Medical examiner.
72   Sandy   Compton   Works in Kadella's office.
73   Bill       Minneapolis policeman.
    Harry       Minneapolis policeman.
74   Edward   Hill   In jail.
75   Steve   Frechette   In jail.
77   Donald   Felton   U.S. Attorney lawyer.
    Carmen   Espinoza   U.S. Magistrate.
79   Jimmy   Lucas   John Lucas' son.
    Sarah   Lucas   John Lucas' daughter.
82   Louise   Curtin   Jake Waschke's mother.
84   Antainette   Hardy   Woman who reported key out street light.
87   Paul   Eberhard   Lawyer representing Wally Bingham.