Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProJ.J.ArringtonThe head of Bureau's Criminal Investigative Division.
 KellyArringtonMr. Arrington's wife.
   Part 1
1JohnRainA retired specialist from killings of "Natural Death".
 DanielLarisonRain's friend. A black Op soldier.
 MatsuoBashoA Japanese poet.
 ScottHortonA speCops legend. Rain's former commander.
   speCops - A group of spies and assasins.
2LiviaLoneAn FBI detective. Protagonist.
 TerryTrahanLivia's hacker.
 NasonLoneLivia's little sister.
4  ViCAP - The FBI's Violent Criminal Apprehension Program.
5Delilah Rain's lover. A Mossad honeytrap specialist.
 Dox A former marine sniper. Was in love with Livia. Aka: Carl.
 BenTrevenA black Op soldier.
 TomohisaKanezakiDox's contact in the CIA. Aka: K, Tom.
6Special AgentSmithThe head of VCAC.
   VCAC - The FBI's Violent Crimes Against Children Program.
7B.DLittleA Homeland security agent.
 DonnaStrangelandThe FBI lieutenant.
9Jorge A tatted-up, former gangbanger.
 Kyla The new girl at the Martial Arts Academy.
10PhilPhelpsLivia's colleague. A detective.
 RithisakSormThe child trafficking kingpin.
11WalterBarkleyThe front-runner in the Presidential election.
 OliverGrahamA former navy seal and founder and CEO of OGE.
 MimiKeiHorton's daughter.
 Nico Larison's lover.
15GeorgeWashingtonThe 1st U.S. President.
   OGE - Oliver's company that was protecting child pornography.
   Part 2
16Ria The bartender. Dox's friend.
19CharmaineBestThe SPD's chief of police.
 Mia Strangeland's partner. Trauma surgeon at U. of Washington.
 Lloyd Charmaine's assistant.
 ElbertTidburyCharmaine's officer.
20AmiTrevenBen's daughter.
 AlexTrevenBen's brother.
 KatieTrevenBen's sister.
22Curtis Graham's assistant.
 Sarah Ben's ex-girlfriend.
23Mr.BobOwner of Bob's Automotive Repair shop.
25Justin The Hangar CafĂ© Owner.
27  IAFIS - Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System.
29Tatsu Rain's friend. A policeman in Japan.
 DominiqueDeneuveA former fashion model. Graham's mistress.
31  CID - FBI's criminal investigative Division.
35JigoroKanoThe founder of "The Gentle Way".
 FredPerrinA knife designer.
 FredLoneLivia's father.
39HaruyoshiFukasawaRain's friend who owns a video-camera detector. Aka: Harry.
43Kent Delilah's boyfriend.
 Colin A bartender.
44Magnus Graham's bodyguard.
51GarrisonFenwickThe Senate majority leader.
 CharlieHammThe chairman of armed services committee.
54Matthew StroopA man who was suspected as a park rapist.
 Sean Livia's first kiss.