Characters - Alphabetical
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JamesAudetFriend of Miranda's at Orono HS
MichaelBialikBoyfriend of Lily's mother, linguistics professor at the university
SandyBialikMichael's son, piano prodigy
JohnCorningConcierge at a Kennewick Hotel in ME
BradDaggettContractor working on the Severson's property, Aka: Braggett
Jason & BellaDaggettBrad's children
BillyElkinsPolice officer on Kimball's team
StephanieFlynnLily's court-appointed lawyer
PollyGrenierWoman at the bar, friend of Brad
ElaineHarrisTed's mother, receptionist at Lextronics, later moved to CA
SharonHendersonLily's mother, artist with tenure at Shepaug University
AndrewHobartMiranda's father
Sandra RoyHobartMiranda's mother
Chief JimIrelandPolice chief in Kennewick
Detective RobertaJamesDet. Kimball's partner
Detective HenryKimballDetective investigating Ted's death
DavidKintnerLily's father, English novelist, professor at Shepaug University
LilyKintnerArchivist at Winslow College
OttoLemkeLili's boss at the Winslow library
AddisonLoganLily's roommate in London at Faunce Institute of Art
ElizabethMinotWoman buried in the Concord Center cemetery
 PART IThe Rules of Airport Bars
 PART IIThe Half-Finished House
 PART IIIHide the Bodies Well
ChadPavoneTed's college friend hosted the party where Ted met Miranda
SherryPavoneChad's wife
RachelPriceNeighbor of Ted & Miranda saw Brad the night of Ted's murder
RebeccaRastTed's prom date junior year in high school
BarrySeversonTed's father, programmer at Lextronics in Middleham, MA
Miranda HobartSeversonTed's wife, artist
TedSeversonInvestor & advisor of start-up Internet companies, Aka Teddy
KatieStoneFriend of Lily's at Mather, encounters Lily in NYC during the summer
EricWashburnJunior at Mather College when Lili was a freshman, president of St. Dunstan's literary society
Aaron Ted's best friend in high school
Bess Orange cat Lili owned as a young girl
Chet Painter hired by Lily's mother
Emily Kimball's younger sister
Faith Junior at Mather, Eric's girlfriend
Gemma David Kintner's young 2nd wife in London, killed in auto accident
Jack Polly Grenier's cocker spaniel
Jessica Lili's freshman college roommate
Jim Drywall contractor working on Ted & Miranda's house in Maine
Laurie & Nicole Waitresses Lily met at the Kennewick Hotel bar
Mark & Callie Couple in restaurant business Lily met at Kennewick Hotel bar
Mog Feral cat that Lily feeds at her Winslow home
Nolan Addison's boyfriend
Pyewacket Kimball's cat
Sidney Bartender at Kennewick Inn who had a crush on Miranda
Three Winonas Lili's sophomore year suitemates at Mather College