Characters - Alphabetical
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PhilBrandtPearl's husband.
ThomasC. Y. WongMimi's father.
Wen ChenWen Fu's late brother.
ClaireChennaultAmerican general. Aka: Shan Nao.
DougCheuMary's husband.
MavisChewOne of the church people.
DuChingHelen's aunt.
EdnaFongLoy's wife.
LoyFongOne of the guests.
AlFookBarbershop owner.
WenFuWinnie's first husband.
LaoGuThe servant who was head of the household.
Mr. HongShop owner.
Mrs. HongStore owner.
JiangHuazhengOne of Winnie's cousins. Aka: Peanut.
LongJiaguoHelen's first husband.
HelenKwongPearl's aunt. Aka: Hulan.
HenryKwongHelen's husband. Aka: Kuang An.
Mrs.LiangSchoolmate of Jimmy's aunt.
James LouieWinnie's late husband. Aka: Jimmy.
PearlLouieWinnie's daughter. Born after Winnie's arrival in the U.S.
WinnieLouieChinese immigrant to America. Aka: Weiwei, Jiang Weili.
Mr. MaTruck driver.
SanMaOne of Winnie's father's wives.
SzMaOne of Winnie's father's wives.
WuMaOne of Winnie's father's wives.
GeorgePoOne of the church people.
JiangSao-yenWinnie's father.
IreneWingOne of the church people.
GladysWongOne of the church people.
Mimi WongBao-bao's fiancé.
MurrayYangOne of the church people.
Cleo One of Pearl's daughter.
Danru Winnie's son.
Frank Helen's son.
Gan One of the pilots.
Gao One of Winnie's cousins.
Gary Bao-bao's college roommate.
Gong One of Winnie's cousins.
Guo Zhang's wife.
Hank One of the soldiers in the dance.
Jeanette Pearl's childhood friend.
Jennifer  Mary's daughter.
Johnny One of the soldiers in the dance.
Kun Winnie's half brother.
Lady Li Zhang's mistress.
Lijun One of the pilot's wives.
Lin The man Winnie refused to marry.
Little Yu Winnie's classmate.
Lu Student from Fudan University
Maggie Mimi's mother.
Mary Helen's daughter.
Meili One of the pilot's wives.
Miao The matchmaker.
Michael Mary's son.
Min Wen Fu's mistress.
Momo One of Winnie's teachers at the boarding school.
Ningpo Winnie's uncle. Aka: Turtle Uncle.
Randy Pearl's college fling.
Roger  Helen's youngest son. Aka: Bao-bao.
Samuel Pearl's brother.
Smitty One of the soldiers in the dance.
Tessa One of Pearl's daughter.
Wan Betty  Telegram operator.
Wu Peanut's friend.
Yau Ningpo's schoolmate's cousin.
Yiku Winnie's first daughter.
Zhang Rich farmer.