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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Jacob       An old negro. aka: Uncle Jacob/Uncle.
    Belle       In-charge of the kitchen.
    James   Pyke   Successful merchant. aka: Captain.
    Martha   Pyke   James's wife. aka: Miss Martha.
    Marshall       James's son.
    Sally       Marshall's sister.
    Henry       Dory's baby.
    Dory       Eldest daughter of Mama Mae.
    Mae       Overall in-charge of the kitchen. aka: Mama Mae/Mama.
    Fanny       Mama Mae's daughter.
    Beattie       Fanny's sister.
    Lavinia   McCarten   Elly's mother. aka: Abinia/Binny.
    George       Mae's husband. aka: Papa George/Papa.
2   Mrs.   Pyke   Belle's grandmother.
3   Ben       Lucy's husband.
    Jimmy       Henry's father.
    Rankin       The overseer.
    Cardigan       Lavinia's brother.
5   Meg       Sally's cousin.
    Sarah       Miss Martha's sister. aka: Miss Sarah.
    Mr.   Waters   Marshall's tutor.
7   Suky       Dory's baby girl.
9   Campbell       Miss Martha's younger son.
    Isabelle       Miss Martha's younger sister.
15   Will   Stevens   Farm manager. aka: Will Stephens.
19   Lucy       Ben's wife.
    Eddy       Jimmy's younger brother.
25   Junior       Ben and Lucy's baby boy.
26   Jamie    Pyke   Belle's son.
27   Mr.   Madden   Sarah's husband.
29   Sinsin       Meg's pet.
    Nancy       Sarah's servant.
    Bess       Nancy's daughter.
    Mrs.   Ames   Lavinia and Meg's tutor.
    Mr.   Degat   Dance instructor.
31   Mr.   Boran   Mr. Madden's business partner. aka: Mr. B.
    Molly     Mr. Boran's daughter.
    Carrie   Crater   Guest at Marshall's birthday.
    Henry   Crater   Carrie's twin brother.
39   Dr.   Mense   Captain's doctor.
44   George       Lucy's younger son.
45   Barny       Patient horse.
50   Moses       Beattie's son.
    Maretha       Stephens's wife.