Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  The Death of Abraham Wharf
 JudyRhinesA right-hand friend of Easter Carter.
 AbrahamWharfA prominent citizen at Dogtown.
 EasterCarterAn older resident at Dogtown who ran a sort of unofficial pub.
 Ruth Dressed as a man and worked as stonemason.
 JohnWoodmanAn English painter.
 OliverYoungerA miserable child at the hands of his aunt. aka: Ollie.
 TammyYoungerOliver's aunt.
 MaryLurveyAbraham Wharf's sister.
 Anne Abraham Wharf's wife.
 GrannyDayOwned Gloucester grammar school.
 CorneliusFinsonJudy Rhines' acquaintance. aka: Black Neal.
 Bear The biggest and the lead dog.
 Judith ElizabethRyanReal name of Judy Rhines.
 SammyStanleyMrs. Stanley's grandson.
 MollyJacobsOne of Mrs. Stanley's girls.
 SallyPhippsOne of Mrs. Stanley's girls.
 Mrs.StanleyAn imperious woman who owns a brothel.
 SamMaskeyReal name of Sammy Stanley.
 John MorganStanwoodWidow Lurvey's son-in-law.
 Rachel One of John Stanwood's daughters.
 Lydia One of John Stanwood's daughters.
 Hannah One of John Stanwood's daughters.
2  A Unexpected Visit
 Greyling A dog.
 Mrs.FinsonA woman who looked for Cornelius after his mother died.
 Silas Cornelius acquaintance.
 NicholasFinsonMrs. Finson's husband.
 Maydee A slave girl.
 TobiasSmithA barber.
3  Greyling
 Marie Bear's consort.
4  Tammy Younger's Toothache
 JohnHodgkinsA carpenter.
 LucyGeorgeTammy's aunt.
 Babcock A farmer.
 Mrs.HodgkinsJohn Hodgkins' wife.
 Elizabeth John Hodgkins' daughter.
 Mr.SergeantMr. Hodgkins' acquaintance.
 Johnny Elizabeth Hodgkins' brother.
 Mrs.PulciferHodgkins' neighbor.
 JohnWharfAbraham Wharf's distant relative.
 PollyBoyntonJohn Wharf's daughter.
 CalebBoyntonPolly's husband.
5  Strange Sightings
 CheeverFelchA reverend.
 Mimba A black woman who adopted Ruth.
 TomFletcherA former farmer.
 Mrs.PembrookeWife of the minister at Fourth Parish at Riverview.
 MarthaCookMistress of the house where Ruth worked.
 JoshuaCookA judge. Martha's husband.
 HenryBrimfieldA physician.
 Phoebe Ruth's mother.
 Dr.BrimfieldHenry's father.
 HiramSmithA man who gave Ruth's name.
 Naomi A mistress.
 Nance Hiram Smith's servant.
 QueenBernoonAn African lady who sells oysters.
 Cuff A half-breed African Indian peddler
 Cato Mimba's husband.
 WilliamPrescottA man who bought Ruth for a large wheel of cheese and $3 silver.
 Patricia A female slave.
6  Stanwood Reformed
 SandyBaySammy's acquaintance.
 ReverendJewettThe minister of the Fifth Parish.
 ReubenHartshornPastor of the First Parish.
 DavidFullerPastor of the Second Parish.
 Mrs.FullerReverend Fuller's wife.
 ElijahLeonardPastor of the Third Parish.
 MargaretLinnerSammy's acquaintance.
 Joseph One of Easter Carter's guests.
7  The Lost Girls
 Ned Sally's acquaintance.
8  Oliver Younger's Heart
 DoraStileOwner of a dress shop
 SilasRidgeA man who owned half of the biggest fish market in town.
 Betsy One of Oliver's cows.
 Bertie One of Oliver's cows.
 EverettMansfieldOliver's favorite customer.
 Susannah Everett's wife.
 Abby One of Everett's daughters.
 Ella One of Everett's daughters.
 WilliamAllenTammy Younger's closest neighbor.
 Emily Dora Stiles' daughter.
 ThomasPearceA colonel's son.
 Mr.BatesA foreman.
 Ladimir A Russian sailor.
 Mrs.AllenWilliam Allen's wife.
 DanielYoungerOliver's father.
 MatthewPhilpotA judge.
 Mr.SavilleAn elderly official at Judge Philpot's office.
 Mr.GoffHannah Wharf's husband.
 Nathaniel Polly and Oliver Younger's son. aka: Natty.
9  Departure
 Sarah MariaHastingsMartha Cook's distant relative.
 Dr.BeechMartha Cook's physician.
 Poppa Natty's puppy.
10  Cornelius
 EbenCrowleyCornelius neighbor.
 JacobSomesA fish wholesaler.
 Mrs.HomesJacob's wife.
 David Polly and Oliver's second child.
11  His Own Man
 Mrs.LongSam's landlady.
 AliceIvesSam's acquaintance
 Mr.IvesAlice's father.
12  Easter and Ruth
 LouisaTuttleA newly widow at Dogtown.
 Brownie A dog.
 Tan A dog.
 RobertNewellA businessman.
 HenryRileyEaster's acquaintance.
 NathanielBabsonA man who bought Tammy Younger's property.
 Isaac Polly and Oliver Younger's new baby.
 HesterLionelA reverend.
13  A Last Will
 Mrs.HammondNathaniel's teacher.
 ReverendHildrethPastor at First Parish.
 JamesRiddleJudge Cook's cousin.
 Constance James Riddle's wife. aka: Connie.
 HarrietPlantA cook.
 IvyPerkinsFormer owner of Judy's cottage.
 Priscilla Judy's sister.
 Mrs.ClarksonJudy's first mistress.
 Arthur Judy's ex-boyfriend.
 Pip Judy's new dog.
The Last Days of Dogtown suggested by Janet Nelson.