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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 BillGatesOwner of Microsoft Company.
1SteveJobsCo-Founder and CEO of Apple Inc.
 Thomas AlvaEdisonCelebrated inventor. Opponent of Westinghouse in Patent War.
 PaulCravathMr. George Westinghouse's young owner / Protagonist.
 John JacobAstorA man who was richer than the Queen of England.
2JohnnyAppleseedAn American Pioneer Nurseryman.
 CharlesBatchelorThomas Edison's right hand man.
 GeorgeWestinghouseAn Inventor / Paul Cravath's client.
 Mr. EugeneLynchAn Electrical Inventor.
 John PierpontMorganRichest Man in America. Owned 60 % of Edison's Company.
 WilliamSawyerElectrical Inventor. Co-Owner of Sawyer and Man Company.
 AlbonManSawyer's Partner. Co-Owner of Sawyer and Man Company.
 WalterCarterPaul Cravath's former law tutor. Cravath's partner law firm.
3JamesWatsonCo-Discoverer of DNA.
 Mr.ByrneFormer Partner of Walter Carter in his Law Firm
 CharlesHughesPaul Cravath and Walter Carter's Co-Partner in Law Firm.
 Caleb Paul Cravath's Distant Uncle.
 ErastusCravathPaul Cravath's father.
   Glen Eyre - George Westinghouse's Private Train.
 MargueriteWestinghouseGeorge Westinghouse's wife.
 Mr.JensonGeorge Wetinghouse's friend.
5HumphryDavyA man who publicly demonstrated early "Arc Light" in 1809.
 MichaelFaradayCreated first Hand-Cranked Electrical Generator in 1830.
 Zenobe T.GrammeA Belgian Inventor who improves Faraday's Generator.
 CharlesBrushAmerican who sells Arc Lighting all over the nation.
 PaulJablochkoffA man who was selling Electric Candles.
 JosephSwanA Physicist.
 ElihuThompsonAn Inventor / Competitor of George Westinghouse.
6ReginaldFessendenThomas Edison's top Engineer.
8TimBerners-LeeThe Inventor of the World Wide Web.
 NikolaTeslaThomas Edison's former employee. Man with a Genius Mind.
 ThomasMartinA Scientist and Journalist / Nikola Tesla's friend.
9KarlPopperAustrian British Philosopher.
12CharlesRanhoferA Chef at Delmonico's.
   Delmonico's - The Most Elegant and Restaurant in New York.
13SteveJobsCEO and Co-Owner of Apple Inc.
14LemuelSerellTesla's Attorney. Son of the America's first Patent Attorney.
 GrosvenorLowreyThomas Edison's new Attorney.
17Charles F.KetteringInventor of the Electrical Starter.
 Martha Paul Cravath's Secretary.
 AgnesHuntingtonThe Opera Singer.
 FannieHuntingtonAgnes Huntington's mother.
 W.HFosterThe Owner of The Ideals. Agnes Huntington's employer.
18AlexanderGraham BellThe Inventor of the Telephone.
 EvelynAtkinsonPaul Cravath's first kiss.
 GloriaRobinsonPaul Cravath's ex-girlfriend.
 EmilyRobinsonGloria Robinson's sister that Paul Cravath kissed 3-times.
 MollyThompsonPaul Cravath's kissing buddy.
 HaroldB. BrownA Journalist in New York Evening Post / An American Scientist.
 HenryVillardOwner of the New York Evening Post.
20ThomasKuhnThe Inventor of the Structure of Scientific Revolutions.
21BenjaminMarcA man who works in American Steel.
22JohnBigelowA Writer.
 JamesPinchotThe Wallpaper Dealer.
 StanfordWhiteAn Architect who remodelled The Fish Mansion.
23BuckminsterFullerAn American Architect.
 EdwinBoothAn Actor.
 Mr.HoneyroseAgnes Huntington's Companion.
 Mrs.SheldonAgnes Huntington's Spanish Companion.
 Mrs.FarnhamAgnes Huntington's Companion.
   Part 2
 ThomasHughesAn American Genesis.
26BillGatesOwner of the Microsoft Company.
 FitzPorterA Police / A man who led the Union V Corps.
 Mr.RummelA Detective.
27FriedrichNietzscheA Philosopher.
29CharlesCoffinThe President of Thomson-Houston Electric Company.
30JamesWatsonAn American Molecular Biologist.
33FrancisJehlAn Assistant in Thomas Edison's Laboratory.
 Dr. DanielTouffAn Alienist / Nikola Tesla's Doctor.
34JayGouldA man who produced the railroads in America.
 JohnRockefellerA man who drew oil from the depths of the earth.
 EliWhitneyInventor of the Cotton Gin.
35MarcusCrassusA Roman Politician in 54 B.C.
 Martin LutherA famous Ferman Professor.
 TheodoreDwightA Professor in Columbia University.
 Beyer Theodore Dwight's Student.
 Bynes Theodore Dwight's Student.
36LeopoldDruckerA Reporter who conduct an interview to Agnes Huntington.
37JacquesCousteauA French Explorer.
38PabloPicassoA Spanish Painter.
39AlbertEinsteinA Theoritical Physicist.
41Henry La Barre JayneA man that Agnes Huntington dated.
44BigAnniePaul Cravath's horse.
 BessieCravathPaul Cravath's sister.
 RuthCravathPaul Cravath's mother.
46MaryEndicottA woman where Fannie Huntington stole a dress.
 Mr.CoulterA man who buys Agnes Huntington a dress.
 JacquesDoucetMr. Coulter's friend.
47TeresaOf AvilaA woman with a same hallucination with Nikola Tesla.
48Mr. WilliamKemmlerMan convicted for butchering his wife with an axe.
 JudgeDayJudge in Westinghouse and Edison's Patent War.
50BenjaminFranklinFounding Father of United States.
51HughGardenGeorge Westinghouse's Investor.
 A.TRowandGeorge Westinghouse's Investor.
 WilliamScottGeorge Westinghouse's Investor.
52EdwardBaringA British Banker.
 LordRothschildThe Most Powerful Banker in the World.
54CarlSaganAn American Astronomer.
 Wilhelm RoentgenA Professor at the University of Wurzburg.
55RobertMilesNikola Tesla's student.
 JasonBarnesNikola Tesla's student.
56MabelBellAlexander Graham Bell's wife.
   Part 3
59Mr.RutledgeJ.P Morgan's Associate.
60LuigiDi CesnolaJ.P Morgan's friend.
62Neil De G.TysonAn American Astrophysicist.
65NathanielHawthorneAn American Novelist.
71VeraCravathAnges and Paul Cravath's daughter.
 BobSwainePaul Cravath's protégé and partner.
72HenryFordFounder of Ford Motor Company.
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