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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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1   Melvin   Mars   Death row prisoner. Black. aka: Jumbo.
    Roy   Mars   Melvin's father. White. aka: Aaron Callahan/Arthur Crandall.
    Lucinda   Mars   Melvin's mother. Black. aka: Roxanne Barret.
    Anwar       Prisoner. Executed.
    Big Dick       One of the prison guards.
2   Charles   Montgomery   Confessed killing Melvin's parents. aka: Chuck.
3   Amos   Decker   Recruited by FBI for a Special Task Force.
    Ross   Bogart   Special FBI agent. In his 40's. Amos' boss.
    Alexandra   Jamison   Former journalist. Part of FBI Task Force. aka: Alex.
    Eddie   Keys   College football teammate of Amos.
5   Lisa   Davenport   Clinical Psychologist. Part of FBI Task Force.
6   Mary   Oliver   Melvin's lawyer.
    Reedy       Prison guard.
7   Todd   Milligan   FBI Agent. Mid 30's.
            Hyperthymesia - a person with a superior memory.
12   Ellen   Tanner   Melvin's supposed alibi when his parents were murdered.
13   Willis   Simone   Motel clerk who testified against Melvin.
14           Synesthesia - body stimulation in one area reacts in another.
18   Donny   Crocket   Charles' inmate.
    Regina   Montgomery   Charles' wife.
    Tommy   Montgomery   Son of Charles and Regina. Howling Cougars football player.
            Glioblastoma - brain tumor.
26   Patricia   Bray   Regina's neighbor. aka: Patti.
31   Cassandra   Decker   Amos' deceased wife. aka: Cassie.
    Molly   Decker   Daughter of Amos and Cassie. Deceased.
    Johnny       Amos' brother-in-law. Deceased.
32   Kyle       Gang member.
36   Jerry   Biven   Assistant Branch Manager at Texas First National Bank.
38       Matthews   Judge.
        Jenkins   Prosecutor for the State of Texas.
42       Turner   Doctor.
    Lewis   Fisher III   Dentist. Went to same high school as Melvin.
43   Lewis   Fisher Sr.   Melvin's parents dentist. Lewis Fisher III's grandfather.
    Deb       Worked at facility where Lewis Fisher Sr. resides.
44   Melissa   Dowd   Works for the Fisher's dental clinic.
45   Dan   Reardon   Victim.
55   Nathan   Ryan   Former Assistant Mayor of Cain. Deceased.
56   Wanda   Pierce   Works at the Cain Police Station.
    Thurman   Huey   Congressman. One of the 3 Musketeers.
57   Mildred   Ryan   Nathan's wife.
    Julie   Smithers   Daughter of Nathan and Mildred.
    Sidney   Houston   Reverend. Died in church bombing in 1968.
58   Danny   Eastland   Founder/CEO of defense contractor. One of 3 Musketeers.
    Roger   McClellan   Cain Police Chief.