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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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   Part I Amber
1AmberPattersonThe secretary in the residential division of Rollins Realty.
 Charlene Amber's sister. Aka: Char.
 DaphneParrishJackson Parrish's wife.
 Julie Daphne's sister.
2Frank Amber's uncle.
 JacksonParrishCEO of Parrish International.
 AelbertCuypDutch painter.
3Tallulah One of Daphne's daughters. Aka: Lu.
 Bella One of Daphne's daughters.
 Lois One of Daphne's friends.
 BunnyNicholsOne of Daphne's friends.
 Faith One of Daphne's friends.
 Meredith BellStantonOne of Daphne's friends.
 Irene One of Daphne's friends.
 Neve One of Daphne's friends.
 Trudy Amber's sister.
4Randolph H.Stanton IIIMeredith's husband. Aka: Rand.
 MarchNicholsBunny's husband.
6MarkJansenAmber's boss.
 Jenna Amber's receptionist.
 Mrs.WorthAmber's acquaintance.
7RuthBennettMrs. Parrish's mother.
 SallyMacAteerJenna's friend.
 Danny Daphne's acquaintance.
8Lydia Bunny's friend.
 PatrickDempseyAmerican actor.
9Margarita Parrish's housekeeper.
 EdwardAlbeeAmerican playwright.
 VirginiaWoolfEnglish writer.
 Homer Legendary author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.
10Mrs.LockwoodAmber's acquaintance.
 Frances Mrs. Lockwood's daughter.
 MatthewLockwoodFrances's older brother.
11Surrey Sally's friend.
12Edgar AllanPoeAmerican writer, poet, editor, and literary critic.
14Sabine One of the nannies.
19HildaBattleyJackson's first assistant.
20Tanaka Jackson's acquaintance.
 Tommy Parrish's driver.
21Marco Amber's boyfriend.
23StellaMcCartneyEnglish fashion designer.
27GreggHigginsDaphne's acquaintance.
30Bree Jackson's new vice president.
 MargotSamuelsonJackson's client.
34JimmyChoo Fashion designer.
   Part II Daphne
37Fiona Daphne's secretary.
38Marvin Waiter.
 Ezra Daphne's father.
39Barry Daphne's cousin.
 Erin Barry's wife.
40Flora Jackson's father's girlfriend.
42Simone Erin's child.
45Dr.FinnJackson's friend.
51StephenKingAmerican author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense.
 RosamundLuptonBritish author.
 BarbaraKingsolverAmerican novelist, essayist and poet.
 VladimirNabokovRussian and American novelist, poet.
 HermanMelvilleAmerican novelist, short story writer and poet.
 AlbertEinsteinGerman-born theoretical physicist.
55JeanYuKorean born fashion designer.
59LanaCrumpReal name of Amber Patterson.
61AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
62Angela Hairdresser.
 MarcJacobsAmerican fashion designer.
 Jenka Daphne's friend.
 Warren Jenka's husband.
   Part III
68Jackson MarcParrish Jr.Jackson and Amber's son.
 Douglas Jackson's new assistant.
 Becky Gregg's assistant.
69Edgar Jackson's butler.
71Mrs. WrightJackson Junior's nanny.
 Bunny Mrs. Wright's acquaintance.
72Barry Ruth's acquaintance.
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