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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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  ProOwenMichaelsHannah's husband.
 HannahHallProtagonist and Narrator.
   Part 1
 BaileyMichaelsOwen's daughter. Hannah's step-daughter.
 Claire A friend of the 12-year-old girl.
 JackHallHannah's father.
 CaroleHallHannah's mother.
 Gwendolyn Jack's assistant and mistress.
 AvettThompsonThe CEO of the tech firm. Hannah's client.
 BelleThompsonAvett's wife.
 Suz Bailey's friend.
 Bobby Bailey's boyfriend.
 LynnWilliamsBailey's acquaintance.
 Mr.HahnHannah's neighbor.
 Mrs.HahnMr. Hahn's wife.
 Julia AlexandraNicholsHannah's oldest friend. Aka: Jules.
 NashRichardsHannah's ex-boyfriend.
 Max An investigative journalist at Chronicles.
 GradyBradfordA U.S. Marshal.
 Benj A waiter.
 ThomasSheltonA family lawyer. Grady's friend.
 CarlConradOwen's closest friend. A lawyer.
 Patricia ConradCarl's wife. Aka: Patty.
 SarahConradCarl and Patty's daughter.
 LeAnnSullivanHannah's neighbor.
 OliviaMichaelsBailey's mother. Owen's first wife.
 L.Paul Owen's conservator.
 JeremyO'MackeyAn FBI special agent.
 NaomiWuJeremy's colleague.
 JakeBradley-AndersonHannah's former fiancĂ©.
 BrianPaduraThe boy who asked Bailey if Owen is a criminal.
   Part 2
 Amy A hotel receptionist.
 Steve A desk clerk.
 Elliott A tour guide.
 Elenor H. McGovernThe receptionist at Episcopal Church.
 Cara Carl's co-worker and mistress.
 Alex Jake's friend.
 Waylon The man Owen and Hannah met.
 TobiasCookmanOwen's professor. Aka: Cook.
 NielonSimonsonThe school registrar.
 Cheryl The graduate student. Cook's assistant.
 Scott Cook's assistant.
 Rory Bailey's friend.
 JordanMaverickThe COO at The Shop. Avery's assistant.
 Max Jules's colleague.
 Sophie A long-time parishioner.
 KatherineSmithOwen's former classmate. Aka: Kate.
 CharlieSmithAndrea's husband. Kate's brother.
 AndreaReyesCharlie's wife.
 MeredithSmithCharlie and Kate's mother.
 Daniel NicholasBellCharlie and Kate's father. Aka: The good lawyer.
 EthanYoungKate's husband. Owen's real name.
 Kristin Etan and Kate's daughter. Bailey's real name.
   Part 3
 SylviaHernandezA U.S. Marshal. Grady's colleague.
 Ned Nicholas's guard.
 Casper Nicholas's dog.
 Leon Nicholas's dog.
 Marcus One of Nicholas's guards.
 HarrisGrayNicholas's former client.
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