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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1DemingGuoProtagonist. aka: Daniel Wilkinson.
 MichaelChenDeming's friend. Vivian's son.
 TravisBhopaDeming's classmate.
 Tommie Deming's neighbor.
 LeonZhengPolly's boyfriend.
 Mrs.JohnsonDeming's co-tenant.
 VivianZhengLeon's sister.
 PollyGuoDeming's mother. aka: Guo Peilan.
 Didi Polly's friend and workmate.
 Hung Deming's friend.
2RolandFuentesDeming's bandmate and best friend.
 Nate The guy talking about Vic.
 Shawn Deming's friend. Drummer.
 PeterWilkinsonDeming's American mother. aka: Kay.
 Adrian Roland's roommate.
 JimHenningsAngel's foster father. Peter's friend.
 AngelHenningsDeming's friend. Chinese adoptive child.
 Hutch The Jupiter booker.
 JaneRustHelped Hutch.
 Evan The oldest burrito wrapper at Tres Locos.
 Thad Studio owner.
3YiGongDeming's grandfather. Polly's father. aka: Yi Ba.
 Scott Deming's principal at his first school.
 Sopheap Deming's traitor friend.
 Elroy Demng's friend.
 MissMarieDeming's former neighbor.
 Eduardo Bodega owner. Deming's former neighbor.
 Quan Didi's husband.
4Chester Deming's middle school prncipal.
 Mrs.LumpkinDeming's teacher.
 ShawnWreckerDeming's schoolmate.
 CodyCampbellDeming's schoolmate.
 EmilyNeedlesClassmate. Rolan's friend.
 JamieBerryPeter's case worker from the Foster Care Agency.
 AmberBitburgerCody's friend.
 Gary Deming's uncle. Kay's brother.
 LisioFuentesRoland's mother.
 ValerieMcClellanNew chairman of Carlough's Department of Economics.
 WillPanovChairman of Carlough's Department of Economics.
 ElaineHenningsJim's wife.
 Lilu Angel's friend.
 Jade Angel's friend.
5Kyle Deming's poker friend.
 Richdanger Poker player.
 CarlaDangerDeming's ex-girlfriend.
 Timothy Michael's step-father.
6BossChengPolly's boss.
 BoQingPolly's co-worker.
 Yong Polly's new husband.
 Zhao Yong's textile factory partner.
 Fu Walmart buyer. Yong's friend.
 Lujin Zhao's wife.
7HaifengLiDeming's father. Polly's ex-boyfriend.
 Liling Polly's childhood friend.
 Fang Polly's childhood friend.
 TeacherWuHaifeng's teacher.
 Guang Haifeng's friend.
 Mrs.LiHaifeng's mother.
 Qing Polly's friend.
 Xuan Polly's friend.
 ForemanTungPolly's boss at the Fuzhou Factory.
 Jing Polly's old classmate. aka: John.
 Hetty Hairdresser.
 Ming Chain smoker waitress.
8Charles Angel's boyfriend.
9Javier Band leader.
 Yasmin Rolan's friend.
10Cindy Didi and Polly's friend.
 Fetty Deming's chicken.
 Rocky Polly's salon manager.
 Hana Polly's friend.
 Joey Nail tech who gossips about Rocky.
 Coco Polly's former co-worker at the Salon.
 Santiago Rocky's son.
 Michelle Rocky's cousin.
11Mei Polly's student. aka: Mindy.
 Kang Polly's student. aka: Ken.
 Zailang Zhao's friend.
 Ning Zhailang's wife.
 Phillip Zhailang's son.
12Purvi Evan's co-worker.
 Kevin Evan's co-worker.
13MelissaSchenkmannDeming's professor.
 BryanMitchellCody's friend.
 MikeEvansCody's friend.
15Shuang Leon's new wife.
 Yimei Shuang and Leon's son.
17Lei Polly's friend at Ardsleyville Camp.
 Mary A woman who lived too long.
 Samara Pakistani woman at Ardsleyville Camp.
19Eddie Deming's teacher.
 Tammy Deming's teacher.
 Chun Security guard.