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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Harry OmerPeak1987 actor who set the Los Angeles Central Library on fire.
   LA Central Library Fire Incident - The largest fire in the History of Los Angeles.
   IMDB - The World's Largest online database for movies and television.
 BertramGoodhueAn Architect who designed the Los Angeles Central Library.
 MatthewMattsonA man who runs the Los Angeles Central Library.
 RobertMoralesThe Central Library's Budget Director.
 MadeleineRackleyThe Business Manager.
 JohnSzaboLibrarian. aka: Conan The Librarian.
 SelenaTerrazasOne of the three Principal Librarians.
 DavidAguirreCentral Library's Head Security.
 KenBrecherA man who runs the Library Foundation in Los Angeles.
 JohnGottiAn American Gangster.
 BobDoleA Senator.
 RonaldReaganThe U.S. President.
 NancyReaganFirst Lady of Ronald Reagan.
2GlenCreasonReference Librarian in the Central Library since 1979.
 SylvaManooganA World Languages Librarian in Central Library.
 ElizabethTeomanThe Head Librarian when the Central Library burned.
 NormanPfeifferA New York City Architect.
   ALA - American Librarian Association.
 HarryPearsonNoted Rubber Authority who donated books in Central Library.
 MaryLudwigReal Estate Broker who did research at the Central Library.
 Hog HowardA man from Vermont who was related to Mary Ludwig.
 HelenMochedloverA Literature Librarian in Central Library.
 DeanCatheyA Fire Captain.
 DonaldCateA Battalion Chief.
 DonaldManningHead of the Fire Department in Los Angeles.
 RonHamelA fire captain / Susan Orlean's acquaintance.
 FrankBurdenA man who runs the Los Angeles Fire Department Museum.
 MichaelLeonardMan in Central Library's public relations department.
 LodwrickCookThe Head of ARCO.
   ARCO - Atlantic Richfield Company.
 WymanJonesA man who's in charge of 73 Libraries in Los Angeles City.
 TomBradleyLos Angeles City Mayor.
 OliviaPrimanisA Book Conservator.
3GustaveDoreA French Printmaker.
 AndreaPalladioAn Architect from 1500s.
 BillieConnorA Children's Librarian.
 EricLundquistEngineer who restores burned books in Central Library.
4DebraPeakHarry Peak's sister.
 AnnabellPeakHarry Peak's mother.
 BrendaPeak-SerranoHarry Peak's sister.
 BillyPeakHarry Peak's brother.
 JonVoightAn Actor.
 DennisVinesNeighbor of the Peak Family.
 RobertSheahenHarry Peak's former boss.
 BurtReynoldsHarry Peak's friend.
 Demitri HiotelesA Photographer.
 ArchieClark-SmithFounder - American Orthodox Church. aka: Basdil Clark Smith.
 Homer M.WilkieHarry Peak's Chiropodist.
 GeorgeValdaviaHead Central Library's Shipping Department since 2010.
 Gonzalo Delivery Driver in Central Library's Shipping Department.
 BarbaraDavisWoman in the Central Library's Shipping Department.
 Nick John Szabo's Partner.
 AntonioVillaraigosaThe 41st Mayor of Los Angeles City.
 EricGarettiThe 42nd Mayor of Los Angeles City.
 EloisaSaraoBusiness Manager in Washington Irving Branch Library.
 AlisaOrdunaLos Angeles City's Homelessness Policy Director.
 KrenMaloneThe Director of Central Library Services.
 EvaMitnickThe Director of Engagement and Learning.
 ShepardFaireyA man who designed new Library Cards.
   COHS - Career Online High School.
7MelRosenbergA Retired Librarian.
 Dr. StanleyKsionzkyA Psychologist who conducts group therapies for the Librarians.
8PeggyMurphyA man who manages Collection Services in Central Library.
 GlennSwartzA Library Clerk.
 RolandCurtisAn African-American Photographer.
 Lisa OndoyThe Library Assistant.
 XochitlOlivaLibrarian in charge of Digitization and Special Collections.
   L.A. Resistance - A Student Anti-War Group.
9WilliamBladesA man who wrote books about burning books.
 Qin ShiHuangA Chinese Emperor.
 CaliphOmarA man who led the Muslim Invasion in Egypt.
 DiegoDe LandaPriest assigned to inflict Catholicism on the Mayan People.
 GeorgeOrwellAn Author.
 JosephGoebellsThe Nazi Party's Propaganda Chief.
 MaoTse TsungA Former Assistant Librarian at Peking University.
 KarlMarxA Philosopher.
 SaddamHusseinIraq's former President.
 MabelRiddleA West Virginia Schoolteacher.
 RayBradburyA writer of Science and Fantasy / Fahrenheit 451's author.
 JosephMacCarthyA U.S. Senator.
 John LeonardOrrAn Arson Expert.
10ArinKasparianA Librarian in Central Library.
 NelsonTorresA Library Assistant at Central Library.
 GarretttLanganA Library Assistant at Central Library.
11CarltonNorrisARCO's Head of Public Relations.
 GeorgeDirectorA Film Director.
 JackValentiHead of the Motion Picture Association of America.
 LewWassermanOwns Universal Studios.
 GeneScottA Stanford Ph.D.
12JohnLittlefieldThe First City Librarian of Los Angeles.
 PatrickConnollySuccessor of John Littlefield.
 MaryFoyWoman who replaced Patrick Connolly for Librarian position.
 L.DGavittA Popular Rancher.
 LydiaPrescottL.D. Gavitt's Successor.
 TessaKelsoA Newspaper Reporter from Ohio.
 AdelaideHasseA woman that Tessa Kelso hired as Librarian.
 CorrineWiseA Student in 1898 who died suddenly.
 JeanRichepinA French Author / A Protégé of Baudelaire.
 J.W.CampbellThe Head of First Methodist Church in Los Angeles.
 Clara BellFowlerTessa Kelso's Library Director.
 Harriet C.WadleighTessa Kelso's Library Director.
 Mary LetitiaJonesFirst Librarian in LA who graduated in Library School.
 AndrewCarnegieBusinessman who launched a library building project in 1890.
 IsidoreDockweilerA Lawyer who asked Mary Jones to resign.
 Charles F.LummisA man who's having a war of positions with Mary Jones.
 MelvilDeweyA man who established the first Library School.
 OwenMcAleerMayor of Los Angeles City.
 TeddyRooseveltCharles Fletcher Lummis' friend in Harvard University.
 DorotheaRhodesCharles Fletcher Lummis' girlfriend.
 Harrison GrayOtisThe Publisher of "Los Angeles Times".
 Shadow Charles Fletcher Lummis' dog.
13Eve DouglasCharles Fletcher Lummis' Second Wife.
 AdolphBandelierAn Ethnographer who travelled with Charles Fletcher Lummis.
 Dr. C.JK. JonesA man that Charles Fletcher Lummis' hired as a Library Head.
 TurbeseLummisCharles Fletcher Lummis' son.
 KeithLummisCharles Fletcher Lummis' son.
 AmadoLummisOldest Son of Charles F. Lummis who died of Pneumonia.
 ShellyTollhurstAn Active Supporter of Mary Letitia Jones.
14TomOwensA Librarian who walks 5 miles to and from work everyday.
 TedItagakiLibrary Clerk who could swallow a hamburger in 3 bites.
 KatyaCreasonGlen Creason's daughter.
 RichardRamirezA Serial Killer. aka: Night Walker.
 BobbyFischerThe Chess Master.
 BrianHatcherA Map Collector
 C.J.MoonAn Autistic Map Collector.
 JohnMoonC.J. Moon's father.
 JohnFeathersA Hospital Dietician.
 Walter KellerJohn Feathers' live-in partner.
 MatthewGreenbergWalter Keller's broker.
 HowardSlavenA Fire Captain / C.J. Moon's grandfather.
 DidriksonZahariasThe Great Athlete Babe.
15GaryBowmanA well known Psychic in Los Angeles. aka: John The Apostle.
 LeonardMartinetA Lawyer who runs errand with Harry Peak.
 TerryDepackhOne of the Investigators of the Central Library Fire.
 MelissaKimA woman who called the tip line.
 JoeNapolitanoA Retired Investigator.
16PurdWrightA Tender-Faced Librarian from Missouri.
 EverettRobbins-PerryCharles Fletcher Lummis' Successor.
 OliveThomasA Former Ziegfeld girl.
 Jack Olive Thomas's husband.
 MaryPickfordAn Actress / Jack's sister.
 FattyArbuckleAn Actor who was arrested for rape and murder.
 VirginiaRappeAn Actress / Fatty Arbuckle's victim.
 WilliamTaylorA Film Director who was found dead.
 HarryPidgeonA man who completed a solo sailing trip around the world.
 LutherIngersollA Local Historian who supports the building of Libraries.
 LeeLawrieThe Prominent Sculptor.
 HildrethMeiereAn Artist.
 Hartley BurrAlexanderA Professor of Philosophy.
 JorgenOlsonSusan Orlean's Teacher in Literacy Center.
 Tina A Manicurist / Susan Orlean's classmate in Literacy Center.
 CarlosNunezA Tutor in Literacy Center.
 Victor A man who wants to apply for a U.S .Citizenship.
 SusanB. AnthonyAmerican Women's Activist.
18CarltonWinslowBertram Goodhue's Associate.
 OrraMonnetteThe Head of the Library Board.
 DeanCornwellA man who re-paints the Central Library.
 AltheaWarrenEverett Perry's Deputy Director.
 GladysEnglishHead of Children's Department who fell in love with Althea.
 HaroldHamillAlthea Warren's Successor.
 AldousHuxleyA frequent Library visitor.
19GaryRossMan who wrote and directed the film "The Pleasantville".
 Anthony S.HeadActor who played Librarian on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".
 MaryMcCoyLibrarian on duty in Teen'Scape when Susan Orlean visited.
 TeresaWebsterA Teen'Scape Librarian.
 RussellGarriganA Teen'Scape Librarian.
 MadelineBryantHead of the Children's Department in Teen'Scape.
 DianeOlivo-PosnerDirector of Exploration and Creativity in Teen'Scape.
20GilbertLindsayA City Councilman.
 Julian E. GarnseyA Business Manager.
 William R.HearstMary Pickford's lover.
 BartonPhelpsAn Architect.
21ThomasMakarAn ATF Agent who interviewed Harry Peak.
 MikeMatassaAnother ATF Agent who interviewed Harry Peak.
22RolandoPasquinelliThe Supervisor of the Department of Infonow.
 DavidBrennerA Deskman at Infonow.
 HarryNolesA Librarian at Infonow.
 TinaPrincenthalA Staff Librarian at Infonow.
23CharlesLuckmanA Controversial Architect.
 RichardNeutraA Celebrated Architect in California.
 PresidentNixonThe U.S. President.
24Viola CastroA Librarian at Central Library.
 YaelGilletteA Librarian at Central Library.
 DavidBunnThe Artist who designed the Central Library's elevator.
 StanMoldenChief David Aguirre's Senior Security Person.
25RobertMaguirreA Real Estate Developer.
26RickJamesThe President of Hell's Angels / Robert Sheahan's Client.
 StephenKayThe Assistant District Attorney.
 Victoria ChaneyA City Attorney.
27McDonnellDouglasThe Aerospace Manufacturer.
 SallyBuchananThe Chief Conservator.
28DanStrallA Librarian who started the collection of restaurants' menus.
 BillieConnorDan Strall's partner in collecting restaurants' menus.
 NashStoneA Librarian who worked in Central Library for a long time.
 Roy StoneNash Stone's husband.
 William A.Clark Jr.Founder of Los Angeles Philharmonic.
 MeredithWilsonA Major donor of sheet music in Central Library.
29Victoria ChaneyJudge on Harry Peak's trial.
 ToddWillinghamA man who was convicted of arson from setting a fire in 1991.
 Dr. GeraldHurstA Prominent Scientist and Fire Investigator.
 WilliamAmorMan accused of setting a fire that killed his mother-in-law.
 PaulBieberAn Arson Investigator.
 VirginiaWalterEva Mitnick's mother.
30LuisSorianoSchool teacher.
 DeborahJacobsFormer Librarian runs Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
 BillGatesOwner of the Microsoft Company.
 MelindaGatesBill Gates' wife.
 StevePotashFounded e-book in Overdrive.
31Alan Harry Peak's boyfriend.
 MichaelGottliebImmunologist at UCLA.
32ElizabethMartinezLibrarian appointed after Wyman Jones's retirement.
 RobertReaganCentral Library's Public Information Director - 1980 to 1998.
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