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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Kat Present-June
 MegWilliamsA con artist.
 RonAshtonA developer and a local politician.
 ScottGriffinA fraud detective.
2  Meg Present-June Twenty-Two Weeks before the Election
 John Meg's acquaintance.
 Veronica Meg's friend.
 David Veronica's husband.
 RonaldReaganThe 40th president of the United States.
 Cal Meg's best friend.
 Roger Cal's partner.
   Ten Years Ago Venice, California
3  Meg
 SteelyDanAmerican Rock Band.
 BarryManilowA ballad singer/composer/pianist.
 TomBrokawAn American broadcast journalist.
 CoreyDempseyA high school principal.
 KristenGentryMeg's classmate.
 RobbieMaxonKristen and Meg's schoolmate.
 LauraLazarKristen's best friend.
 BruceSpringsteenAn American rock musician.
 Johnny Meg's manager.
 Jason A venture capitalist.
 Sean A mortgage broker in Manhattan Beach.
 Dylan A party promoter.
 Rosie Meg's mother.
 Nana Meg's great grandmother.
4  Kat
 FrankDurhamAn investigative journalist.
 NateBurgessCory Dempsey's closest friend.
 Mrs.DempseyCory's mother.
 KatRoblesA junior reporter.
5  Meg
 Sylvie Meg's made-up roommate.
6  Kat
 CharlotteBronteA British novelist and poet.
7  Meg
 Liam Meg's friend.
 Amanda Meg's new acquaintance.
8  Kat
 VanHalenAn American rock band.
9  Meg
 Stacy Mr. Dempsey's new girl.
 CraigMichaelsonA Math department chair.
 Mrs.TroutMeg's neighbor.
 Dashiell Mrs. Trout's dog.
   Los Angeles Present Day
10  Kat June
 Connors One of the reporters.
 Jenna Kat's best friend.
 JenniferGarnerAn American actress.
 GwynethPaltrowAn American actress.
 Mrs.NelsonRosie's neighbor.
 Dean Rosie's father.
 RupertWilliamsDean's father.
 EmilyWilliamsDean's mother.
11  Kat June
 Calista Kat's great aunt.
15  Kat July
 Karl Scott's acquaintance.
18  Kat July
 Dr.CarterScott's doctor.
19  Kat August
 Blondie American rock band.
 FleetwoodMacBritish-American rock band.
 JoanJettAmerican singer-songwriter.
 MelodyWildeOne of Meg's alias.
   Two Years Ago Reading, Pennsylvania
20  Meg
 RenataDaviesThe president of the local food bank.
 Sarah JessicaParkerAn American actress and television producer.
 Celia Phillip's wife.
 PhillipMontgomeryThe CEO and founder of Prince Foods.
 Margaret One of Meg's alias.
 JenniferLopezAn American singer, actress and business woman.
 Neil PatrickHarrisAn American actor, singer, writer, producer, and television host.
 Lin-ManuelMirandaAn American actor.
 MickMartinRon Ashton's long-time agent.
   Los Angeles Present Day
21  Kat August
 FredericaPalmieriThe owner of a dance studio.
22  Kat August
 Natalie Worked at Citibank Card Services.
 Paul One of Citibank employees.
25  Meg September Eight Weeks before the Election
 Rick Meg's client.
 Gretchen Rick's wife.
27  Meg September Seven Weeks before the Election
 GuyCicinelliAn older agent from the Apex office.
30  Meg August Four Weeks before the Election
 SteveMartucciRon's business manager.
32  Meg October Four Weeks before the Election
 Rico Ron's landscaping guy.
 Sheila One of Meg's client.
36  Kat October
 KentBuckleyA morning news anchor.
 Kristy A news anchor.
 Michael Kat's mother's friend.
Epi  Kat December
 MaggieLittletonOne of Meg William's alias.
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