Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro   Isabel   Graysmark   Bill's daughter. Tom's wife. aka: Izzy.
    Thomas E.   Sherbourne   Light keeper on Janus. Isabel's husband. aka: Tom.
1   Trimble   Docherty   Keeper replaced by Tom.
    Mr.   McGowan   Ringleader.
2   Kitty   Kelly   Grocery store owner.
    Len   Bradshaw Sr.   A butcher.
    Len Jr.       Len's son.
    Mrs.   Inkpen   A farrier. aka: Popsy.
            Farrier - a craftsman who trims and shoes horses hooves.
    Mack       Popsy's husband.
    Larry   Mouchemore   Haberdasher.
    Mrs.   Mewett   Boarding house owner.
    Percy   Hasluck   Captain in charge of port comings and goings.
    Cyril   Chipper   Chairman of local roads board.
    Bertha       Cyril's wife.
    Bill   Graysmark   Headmaster in Partageuse.
    Violet       Bill's wife.
3   Ralph   Addicott   A skipper.
    Jeremiah B.   Smart   Ralph's co-worker.
    Neville   Whittnish   Took over Tom's place during his absence.
5   Moira   Docherty   Trimble's wife.
    Hugh       Isabel's brother.
    Alfie       Hugh's brother.
    Cecil       Tom's brother.
    Sarah   Porter   Isabel's friend.
8   Eleanora   Sherbourne   Tom's mother.
    Jack   Throssel   A keeper.
9   Hilda       Ralph's wife.
    Archie   Pollock   Piano tuner.
10   Lucy       Name given to baby. aka: Luce/Grace Ellen/Lucy Grace.
12   Dr.   Sumpton   Surgeon.
14   Clem       Isabel's aunt.
    Jock   Johnson   Officer-in-charge of base records.
15   Norkells       Reverend.
    Franz J.   Roenfeldt   Baker.
    Hannah       Septimus's daughter. Grace Ellen's mother. aka: Hanny.
    Septimus   Potts   Hannah's father.
    Gwen       Hannah's sister. aka: Gwenny.
    Freda       Isabel's cousin.
    Mrs.   Rafferty   Organist.
16   Harry   Garstone   Policeman.
    Bob   Lynch   Harry's colleague.
    Vernon   Knuckey   Police sergeant.
    Walt       Sandalwood pullers.
    Sarah   Flindell   Walt's wife.
    Ellen       Septimus's wife.
    Irene       Vernon's wife.
    Billy       Irene's son.
17   Maisie   McPee   Bookshop's owner.
    Bettina       Frank's cousin.
    Wilf       Bettina's husband.
18   Daphne       A hen.
    Speckle       A hen.
19   Merv       Bluey's brother.
    Ada       Merv's mother.
    Methuselah       Hilda's son.
20   Edward   Sherbourne   Tom's father.
    Flossie       A goat.
    Dolly       Lucy's doll.
22   Tabatha   Tabby   A cat.
23   Bernie   Gutcher   Photographer.
24   Sargeant   Spragg   Senior police officer.
        Strugnell   Spragg's assistant.
27   Gerald   Fitzgerald   Tom's lawyer.
29   Arabella       A horse.
    Shetland       A pony.
37   Christopher       Lucy Grace's son.
    Henry       Lucy Grace's husband.