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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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10EmmettWatsonNebraskan farm kid.  
 WardenWilliamsJuvenile center warden.  
 Ackerly The warden in charge when Emmett arrived in Salina.  
   Salina - Juvenile center.  
 EdRansomEmmet and Billy's guardian. Rancher.  
 BillyWatsonEmmett's brother.  
 SallyRansomMr. Ransom's daughter.  
 Bobby Mr. Ransom's worker.  
 TomObermeyerThe banker.  
 Mr.SchulteEmmett's former employer.  
 Charles WilliamWatsonAKA: Charlie.  
 Prof. AbacusAbernatheAn author Billy likes. AKA: Professor Abercrombie, Sam.  
 Mr.GundersonStore owner.  
 Kazantikis Escaped artist.  
 DanielHewettEscaped prisoner. Emmett's co-prisoner. AKA: Duchess.  
 WallaceMartinEscaped prisoner. Emmett's co-prisoner. AKA: Woolly.  
 Forrest Great Shakespearean actor.  
 Macready Great Shakespearean actor.  
 LionelPenderghastGeneral manager of the Waldorf Astoria.  
 MissMaplesLover of Duchess's father.  
9JimmySnyderEmmett's neighbor and victim.  
 Petersen The sheriff.  
 Mr.StreeterEmmett's attorney.  
 Schomer The judge at County Courthouse.  
 Winslow Charlie's doctor.  
 JakeSnyderJimmy's brother.  
 EddieSnyderJimmy's brother.  
 MaryPetersenThe Sheriff's wife.  
 DannyHoaglandOne of Sheriff's acquaintances.  
8SisterAgnesThe nun at the foster home where Duchess lived.  
 Sarah Woolly's sister.  
 EdmondDantesThe man who was convicted for a crime he didn't commit.  
 DennisWhitneyWoolly's brother-in-law. Sarah's husband.  
 ReverendPikeThe Priest.  
 Martha Sally's church mate.  
 Mary Martha's sister.  
 CarlFisherThe inventor of Lincoln Highway.  
 Sister Berenice Sister Agnes's colleague.  
 Sister Ellen Sister Agnes's colleague.  
 Christopher The Patron Saint of Travelers. 
 LeonelloBrandoliniRestaurant owner.  
 Mrs.SimpsonBilly's neighbor.  
 MarySimpsonMrs. Simpson's daughter.  
 Mr.SimpsonMrs. Simpson's husband. The President of Lion's Club.  
 JoeDiMaggioBaseball player.  
 Mr.CartwrightHardware store owner.  
 Edna Emmett's great aunt.  
 Dave Emmett's uncle.  
 Mrs.EbbersBilly's babysitter.  
7HowardJohnsonThe map maker.  
 HonestAbeAbraham Lincoln's alias.  
 Kaitlin Woolly's oldest sister.  
 Edward Woolly's cousin.  
 James Woolly's cousin.  
 Mr.ParkerThe reveler.  
 Mr.PackerMr. Parker's companion.  
 AlexanderCunningham IIIMr. Parker's client.  
 Mr.BrakemanMr. Cunningham's grandfather. The largest operator of refrigerated boxcars in America. 
 HeinrichSchweitzerThe master of Telekinesis. 
 Pastor John Crooked preacher.  
 Ulysses Helps Billy on the train and throws out Pastor John.  
 UlyssesGrantCommander of the Union Army.  
 MacieDixonUlysses wife.  
   Circe - The ruthless seduction of the sirens.  
 HarrisonHewettDuchess's father.  
6Bernie The hotel receptionist.  
 PatrickFitzwilliamsHarry's colleague. AKA: Fitzy.  
 FlorenceSkinnerA socialite.  
 NedMoselyFitzy's booking agent.  
 Stew A cook. Ulysses friend.  
 Miguel Mr. Ransom's worker.  
5Mr.KehlenbeckWoolly's teacher.  
 Mr.HarringtonThe faculty representative at Woolly's school.  
 DunkieDunkleStudent council representative.  
 Penelope Woolly's cousin.  
 Ruthie Woolly's aunt.  
 Richard Woolly's stepfather.  
 TommyLadueEmmett's bunkmate.  
 Bo Tommy's bunkmate.  
 Townhouse Duchess's acquaintance.  
 Maurice Townhouse's colleague.  
 Otis Townhouse's colleague.  
 Mr.LehmbergTalent manager.  
 Mr.MortonA performer.  
 Mr.McGinleyTalent manager.  
 AliceCravittsMr. McGinley's receptionist.  
 Mrs.BurkThe lady who manages the desk.  
 Mr.CohenHewitt's manager.  
 Maureen A waitress Emmett met.  
 Delphine Duchess's mother.  
 Noah BenjaminEliasThe dead man in the coffin.  
 MarcelineMaupassantOne of the famous clowns in Europe.  
4Mr.ChippendaleSarah's co-worker.  
 Mr.Van de RoheSarah's co-worker.  
 GrandmaWolcottWoolly's grandmother.  
 Gonzalez The body shop owner.  
 Clarise The girl townhouse dated.  
 Paco Townhouse's friend.  
 Pico Paco's brother.  
 Mr.WutreleHardware store owner.  
 Mr.HorchowFeed store owner.  
 Delilah A circus performer.  
 Helen Duchess's fairy godmother.  
 Charmed Duchess's fairy godmother.  
 Charity Duchess's fairy godmother.  
 Bernadette Duchess's friend.  
 Ma. Belle The head of Circus Lounge.  
 EmanuelLeutzeFamous painter.  
 Caesar The Governor of Gaul in 49 BC.  
3Mr.NickersonThe new Math teacher.  
 Zeno Philosopher. 
 LewisWilcoxKaitlin's husband.  
 Wallace Woolly's uncle.  
 HamiltonSpeersThe rector of St. Bartholomew.  
2Lucinda A white cockatoo.  
 Manny Magician. 
 OliverWolcottGovernor of Connecticut.  
 Dorothy Wolcott's cook.  
 Freddy Woolly's cousin.  
 Achilles Hero of the Trojan War.  
 Hector Prince of Troy.  
 Polly Abacus's daughter.  
1PrincipalHuxleySchool principal.  
 MissCooperBilly's teacher.

The Lincoln Highway suggested by Sidney Faulkner,
Connie Callahan and Mary Kylander.