Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  New York City, 1913
 JackLyonsThe superintendent of the New York Public Library.
 LauraLyonsJack Lyons' wife.
 LeoAstorA stone lion.
 LeoLennoxA stone lion.
 John JacobAstorOne of the founders of the library.
 JamesLennoxOne of the founders of the library.
 Harry Jack and Laura's son.
 Pearl Jack and Laura's daughter.
 WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
 Beatrice Supposed name of Pearl.
 Dr. Edwin H.AndersonThe library's director.
 Edgar AllanPoeAn American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic.
2  New York City, 1993
 SadieDonovanThe assistant curator.
 FiorelloLa GuardiaFormer Mayor of New York City.
 BalThackerayAn Indian politician.
 CharlesDickensAn English writer and social critic.
 WaltWhitmanAn American poet, essayist, and journalist.
 HenryBergOne of the donors of library manuscripts.
 AlbertBergOne of the donors of library manuscripts.
 ClaudeRacineSadie's colleague.
 MarleneJerkinsonBerg's curator and Sadie's mentor.
 Dr. HumphreyHooperThe director of the library.
 RichardJones-EbbingOne of the new board members.
 Mrs.SmithOne of the new board members.
 Mr.SmithOne of the new board members.
 Bob A cat.
 CaryGrantAn English-American actor.
 Phillip Sadie's ex-husband.
 AbigailDuckworthAn author.
 Valentina Sade's niece.
3  New York City, 1913
 Billy Jack Lyons' friend.
 AugusteRodinA French sculptor.
 JosephPulitzerA newspaper publisher.
 TalcottWilliamsThe head of Columbian Journalism School.
 GeorgeWakemanA professor at the Columbian University School of Journalism.
 GretchenReynoldsOne of Laura's classmates at Columbian Journalism School.
 LarryKlineThe former mayor of Hawkins.
4  New York City, 1913
 EdwinGaillardThe library detective.
 ThomasJefferson3rd U.S. President.
5  New York City, 1993
 Mr.BabenkoA longtime employee at the library.
 Lonnie Sadie's brother.
 LuAnn Lonnie's wife.
 RobinLarkinA baby sitter.
 Don Pearl's second husband.
 VirginiaWoolfAn English writer.
6  New York City, 1993
 FredAstaireAn American actor, dancer, singer, choreographer.
 HilaryQuinnLaura Lyon's former secretary and executor in London.
7  New York City, 1913
 Mrs.MarinoOne of the mothers at tenement.
 Dr. AmeliaPotterWorked from the city as medical inspector.
 KateChopinAn American author of short stories and novels.
8  New York City, 1914
 Henrietta Amelia's acquaintance.
 MargaretSangerOne of the members of the Heterodoxy Club.
 Florence One of the members of the Heterodoxy Club.
 Jessie Amelia's partner.
9  New York City, 1993
 NickAdrianoA security consultant.
 John AshberyAn American poet and art critic.
 ProfessorAshtonA college mentor.
10  New York City, 1993
 Max A dog.
11  New York City, 1914
 MaxEastmanAn American writer on literature, philosophy and society.
 Ida Max Eastman's wife.
 AlexanderHamiltonFounding Father of the United States.
 WashingtonIrvingAn American short-story writer, essayist, biographer, and historian.
 Joseph G.CogswellThe first superintendent of Astor Library.
12  New York City, 1914
 MabelDodgeAmelia's acquaintance.
 Elizabeth G.FlynnOne of the members of the Heterodoxy Club.
 EmmaGoldmanOne of the members of the Heterodoxy Club.
 AlfredStieglitzAmerican photographer.
 FrankTannenbaumAn Austrian-American historian, sociologist and criminologist.
13  New York City, 1993
 NathanielHawthorneAn American novelist, dark romantic, and a short story writer.
 Chuck The owner of J&M Books.
 JoanBlaeuA Dutch cartographer.
 DorothyParkerAn American poet, writer, critic, and satirist.
 ElaineEdmundsonThe name used by Sadie when buying the lost books.
14  New York City, 1993
 InspectorClouseauBerg Collection's inspector.
 WendyWassersteinAn American playwright.
 Sue Nick Adriano's wife.
 Sebastian Nick's dog.
15  New York City, 1914
 Inez HaynesGillmoreOne of the members of the Heterodoxy Club.
16  New York City, 1914
 Marie JenneyHoweA feminist organizer and writer.
17  New York City, 1993
 Mr.BlountClaude's acquaintance.
18  New York City, 1993
 CharlotteBronteAn English novelist and poet.
19  New York City, 1914
 AlvaBelmontOne of the leaders of the New York suffrage movement.
 John MervenCarrereOne of the building's architect.
 ThomasHastingsOne of the building's architect.
20  New York City, 1914
 Dr.BellHarry's physician.
 Sam Harry's classmate.
 RedPaddyHarry's acquaintance.
 GeorgeWashington1st U.S. President.
22  London, 1993
 Leonard Canadian singer-songwriter.
24  New York City, 1914
 Mr.BensonThe janitor.
26  New York City, 1918
 Sarah Pearl's friend.
27  New York City, 1993
 JackKerouacAn American novelist.
 VladimirNabokovA Russian-American novelist, poet, translator and entomologist.
28  New York City, 1993
 JaneAustenAn English novelist.
 AlfredTennysonA British poet.
 William ButlerYeatsAn Irish poet.
 LesleyStahlAn American journalist.
  KiernanA judge.
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