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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1MatthewVennA detective inspector. aka: Matt.
 DennisSalterA preacher.
 AndrewVennMatthew's father.
 AliceWozencroftAn organist.
 Ross May Matthew's colleague.
 JenRaffertyA detective sergeant.
 Melanie Ross' wife.
2MauriceBraddickA widow who take good care of his daughter.
 Lucy Maurice's daughter. aka: Luce.
 Maggie Maurice's deceased wife.
 ChristineShaplandOne of Lucy's friends. aka: Chrissie.
 RosaHolsworthyOne of Lucy's friends.
3ColinMarstonWorked in a car industry.
 Hillary Colin's wife.
 SallyPengellyA pathologist.
 JonathanChurchMatthew's live-in-partner.
4Ella Jen's daughter.
 Ben Jen's son.
 Adam A baby sitter.
 GabyHenryAn artist.
 CarolinePreeceGaby's landlady. A social worker. aka: Caz.
 EdwardCravenCaroline's boyfriend.
 SimonWaldenOne of Caroline's clients.
 ChristopherPreeceCaroline's father.
 JoeOldhamThe Detective chief inspector.
5Linda Gaby's mother.
6Bob A chef at Woodyard Centre.
 GeoffBrendA farmer.
 MaryBrownscombeA friend of Matthew's father.
7Pam The woman used to work in the butcher's shop.
 Lorraine Jonathan's assistant.
8Diana Princess of Wales.
10PeterSutherlandAn HR officer of the hotel.
 DannyClarksonA chef.
 Becca Mr. Preece's wife.
 Max Ben's friend.
 AngelaBaleOne of the witnesses.
 AlanSpringerSimon Walden's acquaintance.
 SallyThorneThe mother of the child Walden's accidentally killed.
 James Sally's husband.
13SharonWinstoneThe woman who'd discovered Walden's body.
 Dave Sharon's lover.
 DamienHirstEnglish sculptor and installation artist.
 Lizzie A coffee shop owner.
14SusanShaplandMatthew's closest friend.
 Cecil Susan's husband.
 Grace Susan's sister. Dennis Salter's wife.
 Dorothy Matthew's mother.
16Robbie Jen's ex-husband.
 KateDickensonWalden's ex-wife.
 Guy Kate's partner.
17GaryLukeRoss' acquaintance.
 VickiRobbThe young PC.
21RonHolsworthyRosa's father.
 Janet Rosa's mother.
 Marion Matthew's new acquaintance.
 JustinCramerOne of the solicitors in Exeter.
28JasonCramerA solicitor from Exeter.
29Sophie Christopher's mistress.
30Meryl One of Jonathan's friends.
 Jo One of Jonathan's friends.
36Eunice Janet's acquaintance.
39Maureen Joe Oldham's wife.
42ThomasBecketChancellor of England, Archbishop of Canterbury.
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