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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Nella February 3, 1791
 Frederick  A meat merchant.
2   Caroline Present day, Monday
 JamesParcewell An accountant. Caroline's husband.
 CharlesDickens English writer and social critic.
 Rose  Caroline's lifelong best friend.
 Ainsley  Rose's daughter.
3   Nella February 4, 1791
 Mrs.Amwell Eliza's mistress.
 ElizaFanning Mrs. Amwell's servant girl.
4   Caroline Present day, Monday
 Alfred  Caroline's new acquaintance. aka: Bachelor Alf.
 CarolineParcewell An historian.
5   Nella February 4, 1791
 NellaClavinger The apothecary.
 ThompsonAmwell Mrs. Amwell's husband.
6   Caroline Present day, Monday
 GaynorBaymont Bachelor Alf's daughter.
7   Eliza February 5, 1791
 Sally  Amwell's cook and kitchen maid.
 Mr.Batford Mr. Amwell's acquaintance.
9   Eliza February 5, 1791
 Johanna  Amwell's former maid.
10   Nella February 7, 1791
 Beatrice  Daughter of Nella's new acquaintance.
11   Eliza February 8,1791
 MissBreyley Nella's mother's acquaintance.
13   Nella February 8, 1791
 LadyClarence Nella's client.
 LordClarence Lady Clarence's husband.
 MissBerkwell Lord Clarence's cousin and mistress.
15   Eliza February 8, 1791
 Mr.Bechem A greedy man who attempted to kill his father.
 AllieBechem Mr. Bechem's sister.
 Rissa  Frederick's wife.
19   Eliza February 10, 1791
 TomPepper A bookshop owner.
20   Nella February 10, 1791
 Mariel  Lady Clarence's friend.
31   Nella February 11, 1791
 Aulus  A great philosopher.
 Putnam  One of the police officers.
 Craw  One of the police officers.
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