Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   Andrew   Wood   Ex-soldier. Expedition's logistics chief. aka: Woody.
    Steve   Rankin   Woody's friend.
2   Ron   Blom   Discovered the lost city of Ubar in Arabian desert.
    David   Stuart   Former Asst. Director of Corpus-Maya Hieroglypics.
    Gordon   Willey   A Harvard Mayanist.
    Steve   Elkins   Blom's employer.
3   Cristobal   de Pedraza   The first Bishop of Honduras.
    John Lloyd   Stephens   American explorer.
    Fredrick   Catherwood   British artist.
    Eduard   Conzemius   Luxembourgian ethnologist.
    William D.   Strong   Archaeologist from the Smithsonian.
4   George G.   Heye   Collector of native American artifacts.
    John D.   Rockefeller   American businessman.
    Frederick   M-Hedges   Explorer who claimed to find Mayan city Lubaantun in Belize.
    R. Stuart   Murray   Canadian journalist. aka: Captain.
    Theodore A.   Morde   Journalist who covers the Spanish Civil War.
5   Laurence C.   Brown   Morde's former university classmate.
    Derek   Parent   Canadian cartographer.
    Christopher   Stewart   Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for the Wall St. Journal.
    Christopher   Begley   Archaeologist.
    David   Morde   Theodore's nephew.
    Perl/Pearl       American who set up gold sluicing at Ulak-Was.
6   George   Hasemann   Chief of archaeology for Honduran government.
    Steve   Morgan   Professional collector of legends and stories.
    Bruce   Heinicke   Local fixer. Morgan's childhood friend.
    Jack   Elkins   Steve Elkins's grandfather.
    Bud   Elkins   Steve Elkins's father.
    Sam   Glassmire   Geologist.
    Bonnie       Glassmire's daughter.
    Tom   Weinberg   One of Elkins's partners.
7   Andrew   Preston   Boston entrepreneur.
    Samuel   Zemurray   Russian immigrant. aka: Sam the Banana Man.
    Manuel   Bonilla   Honduras's former president.
    Daniel Gould   Wing   United Fruit Chairman.
8   Arlen   Chase   One of the leaders in mapping Caracol.
    Diane   Chase   One of the leaders in mapping Caracol.
9   Mabel       Bruce's wife.
    Mango       Honduran soccer star.
    Jose Manuel   Zelaya   Ousted Honduran President.
    Porfirio Lobo   Sosa   Succeeded Zelaya. aka: Pepe.
    Africo   Madrid   One of Pepe's cabinet members.
    William   Carter   Chief scientist at NCALM.
            NCALM - National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping.
    Ramesh   Shrestha   NCALM Director.
    Virgilio   Paredes   IHAH Chief.
            IHAH - Instituto Hondureno de Antropologia e Historia.
10   Bill   Benenson   Filmmaker. Elkins's friend.
    Benjamin       Benenson's grandfather.
    Juan Carlos   Diaz   Mission planner and chief LiDAR engineer.
            LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging.
    Michael   Sartori   Data-mapping scientist.
    Abhinav   Singhania   Lidar technician.
    Dimas       Morgan's friend.
11   Chuck   Gross   Pilot in the Ciudad Blanca Expedition.
    Juan Orlando   Hernandez   President of the Honduran Congress.
    Virgilio   Paredes   Director of the Instituto Hondureno de Antropologia.
12   Rosemary   Joyce   Authority on Honduran prehistory at UC Berkeley.
    Chris   Fisher   Mesoamerican specialist and a LiDAR expert.
13   Dave   Yoder   Well-known photographer.
    Willy Joe   Rodas   Colonel in the Honduran military.
    James   Nealon   U.S. Ambassador to Honduras.
    Kristin       Nealon's wife.
            TAFFS - Television and Film Facilitation Services.
    Iain M.   Matheson   One of Woody's partners. aka: Spud.
    Steven James   Sullivan   One of Woody's partners. aka: Sully
    Mark   Adams   The sound engineer.
    Anna   Cohen   One of the expedition's archaeologists.
    Oscar Neil   Cruz   One of the expedition's archaeologists.
    Alicia   Gonzalez   The expedition's anthropologist.
    Julie   Trampush   The production manager.
    Maritza   Carbajal   The local fixer.
    Sparky   Greene   The producer.
    Lucian   Read   Director of photography.
14   Rolando   Zuniga Bode   Co-pilot. Lieutenant in Honduran Air Force.
15   Myles   Elsing   Star helicopter pilot.
17   Tom   Lutz   Writer. Found of Los Angeles Review of Books.
18   Mark   Plotkin   Ethno-botanist. President of Amazon Conservation Team.
    Luis   Poveda   Ethno-botanist from National University of Costa Rica.
19   Trond   Larsen   Biologist. Director of CI's Rapid Assessment Program.
    Russell   Mittermeier   A primatologist.
            Primatologist - between mammalogy and anthropology.
    Patrick   Leahy   Senator from Vermont.
    Charles   Poling   Reporter from American Archaeology Magazine.
    Mark   Bonta   Ethno-botanist and cultural geographer.
    John   Hoopes   Chair of the Department of Anthropology.
    Dario   Euraque   Former Director of IHAH.
20   Timothy   Berg   Peace Corps volunteer living in Catacamas.
    Greg   Cabe   Peace Corps volunteer living in Catacamas.
    Desiderio   Reyes   One of Berg and Cabe's friends.
    Jorge   Yanez   One of Berg and Cabe's friends.
    James   Brady   Maya cave archaeologist.
22   Linda   Newson   British geographer.
23   Joel   Sartore   National Geographic photographer.
    Ravi   Durvasula   Doctor at Albuquerque Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
    Thomas   Nutman   Doctor. Deputy Chief of Laboratory of Parasitic Diseases.
    Frank   Neva   Doctor. A pioneed in Leishmaniasis treatment.
    Theodore   Nash   Doctor. Chief clinical researcher to Leish at NIH.
    William Boog   Leishman   Doctor from Glasgow. Former British Army General.
    Charles   Donovan   Doctor who named the species 'Leishmania Donovani'.
24   Elise   O'Connell   Doctor. Nash's colleague.
25   David   Sacks   Doctor and laboratory chief at NIH.
            NIH - National Institute of Health.
    Michael   Grigg   Lab director for Molecular Parasitology section.
    Gloria Lar   Pinto   Protestor's leader.
27   Jared   Diamond   Biologist.
    Kristy   Bradley   Epidemiologist at Oklahoma Dept. of Health.
    Anthony   Fauci   Director of Infectious Diseases at NIH.
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