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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1SusieSalmonA 14-year-old girl who was murdered. Narrator.
 Juan RamonJimenezA Spanish poet.
 Mrs.DelmonicoSusie's home economics teacher.
 Mr.BotteSusie's biology teacher. Susie's favorite teacher.
 Mr. GeorgeHarveySusie's murderer.
 LindseySalmonSusie's sister.
 Mrs.SteadThe Salmons's neighbor. A therapist.
 Franny Susie's intake counselor in heaven.
 BuckleySalmonSusie's baby brother.
 Artie Susie's weird schoolmate.
 Mr.GilbertSusie's neighbor. The dog owner who finds Susie's body.
 LenFenermanThe detective on Susie's murder case.
 AbigailSalmonSusie's mother.
 Ray Indian. Susie's first kiss.
 Clarissa Susie's friend.
2CliveSaundersSusie's classmate who walks like a girl.
 Holiday The Salmons's dog.
 PhoebeHartSusie's classmate who has a sizable breast.
 Holly Susie's roommate in heaven.
 HermanJadeOwner of Hop Fat.
 Nate Buckley's friend.
 Mrs.DewittSusie's 9th grade teacher.
 RaySinghA boy who had a crush on Susie.
 GrandmaLynnSusie's grandma.
 Mr.DewittMrs. Dewitt's husband. A soccer coach.
 DannyClarkeSusie's classmate.
 SylviaHenleySusie's classmate.
 Mr.CadenThe school principal.
 VickiKurtzSusie's schoolmate whose mother died.
 BethelUtemeyerThe oldest resident on Susie's heaven.
3RuthConnorsSusie's schoolmate.
 BrianNelsonSusie's friend.
 Mrs.KaplanThe social science teacher.
 GraceTarkingSusie's neighbor who went to a private school.
 JackSalmonSusie's father.
4Mr.TarkingThe Salmons's neighbor. Grace's father.
 Mrs.TarkingMr. Tarking's wife. Grace's mother.
 Mrs.FlanaganThe Salmons's neighbor.
5LeahHarveyGeorge's wife.
 SamuelHecklerLindsey's boyfriend.
 ReverendStrickThe town's reverend.
6Mr.PeterfordAn art teacher in Susie's school.
 Mr.MortonOne of the teachers in Susie's school.
 LaurenceOlivierAn actor.
 MissRyanOne of the teachers in Susie's school.
 MikeBaylesSusie's schoolmate.
 Jeremiah A boy from Louisiana.
 HarryOrlandSusie's schoolmate.
 RuanaSinghRay's mother.
7HalHecklerSamuel's older brother.
9John KennethGalbraithA Canadian economist.
 JacquesD'AmboiseAn American choreographer.
11Claire A girl from New Jersey.
 JoeEllisA boy Susie and Lindsey hates.
 Mr.SteadMrs. Stead's husband.
12MargaretSangerA girl who looks like a mouse.
13Miss KoekleBuckley's kindergarten teacher.
 SophieCichettiA woman Mr. Harvey used as his widow. Mr. Harvey's victim.
 JackieMeyerMr. Harvey's victim.
 FloraHernandezMr. Harvey's victim.
 LeahFoxMr. Harvey's victim.
 LediaJohnsonMr. Harvey's victim.
 WendyRichterMr. Harvey's victim.
 Stolfuz Owner of a cornfield.
16JanisJoplinAn American songwriter.
 Mr.O'DwyerSusie's neighbor who has a gazebo.
 RalphCichettiAn ex-prisoner.
18Keesha Buckley's friend.
 Dr. AkhilSinghRay's father.
20NurseEliotAbigail's former nurse.
21Mr.McGahernGrandma Lynn's first kiss.